[Interview] Nicky Raby & Nancy Florence

If you are a mum in business creating wealth from the comfort of your home, you are a pioneer.

Together we form a new generation of Laptop Mums which has never existed before.

We are the first women on the planet who are able to create Online Empire in our pyjamas.

Exciting times for women!

BUT...not everything has changed.

In this gorgeous interview with Nicky Raby, Actress/Coach/Mum, I talk about how I'm still expected to keep the house ticking over.
I'm still expected to be the one who takes a day off from work everytime the kids are sick...

But by whom? My partner? Society? Myself?

The challenge for Modern Mums is this:

How can you see yourself as a Mum and a Business Woman?
How can you reconcile all of your identities without feeling out of alignement?

Watch this video to find out what Nicky and I have to say about our experience of juggling Motherhood and Entrepreneurship.

Nancy Florence