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Have you heard of the Desire Map?
It’s my favourite book EVER.
It’s by Danielle Laporte, Canadian author.
Changed my life.

After I discovered it 3 years ago, I made some radical changes in my life:

  • I left a 13-year relationship in which I thought I was trapped

  • I burned my property business and created my dream coaching practice

  • I created a beautiful company called Nancy Florence Ltd. We are a team of 3 women empowering other women all over the globe

  • I stopped cleaning (that’s big win for me considering my past obsession with cleaning)

  • I met my Soulmate…

  • I became the Woman who I have aways wanted to be

  • I became a devoted desire map facilitator

The Desire map book, workbooks and online content gave me the theory I needed to change my mindset.

However, understanding things on an intellectual level was not enough for me.

“Nancy’s has helped me literally transform my lifestyle and my life. I am achieving things that I would only have dreamed of a year ago.”
— Rachel
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Hi, I'm Nancy Florence

I am a Coach, Psychotherapist, Desire Map Facilitator, Speaker and Mother of 2 beautiful girls.

Everything I do is centered around my client results.

It's normal to wear bright red lipstick and take Fridays off for self-care and fun (and Salsa!)


Joy + Sanity is Success

This beautiful picture from one of my gorgeous client Gisele.

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Here is how we do this...

  • We take radical responsibility for our experience of Life. It's our job to bring our desires to life

  • We care about the way we feel...feeling good being the Ultimate Goal (not money, love or performance)

  • We make a big impact on the lives of other human beings and we shine our light onto the world to elevate the vibration of the whole planet

  • We create Conscious Cash and only do business with integrity. We create clients with love without manipulating or pushing them. Instead we serve them powerfully.

  • We create more free time to have fun, see our friends, raise our kids and make love to our man.

  • We don't apologise for wanting more. Our Men&Money philosophy is based around the premise that, as women, we all want the same thing...Love. Money. Freedom.

Welcome to Our Tribe!


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