4 ways to overcome your fear of failure + feel good about Mondays

I hope you had a nice week end.

How are you feeling today?

I love Mondays because they are pregnant with so many possibilities.

However, I didn't always feel that way about Mondays.

Two years ago, you would have seen me snoozing and snoozing some more.
Dragging myself out of bed and moaning about the day ahead.
I would rush to get the kids to school and feel stressed out by 9am!
At which point, I would waste time doing dishes until I forced myself to open the laptop and start cold calling people for my property business.
Pure Hell.

Now is a completely different ball game.
I often wake up before my alarm, between 6am and 6.30am because I am excited to start my Miracle Morning Routine.
I drink lemon and water, meditate, do a bit of yoga and anything that feels good to me.
Then I write my book before I wake the children up.
We are almost never in a rush to go to school now.
When I come home, I look forward to coaching my gorgeous clients on Skype or creating exciting conversations with incredible women entrepreneurs.

I want the same for you

I want you to wake up everyday feeling amazed by how your life is
I want you to look forward to opening your laptop and creating more business.
I want you to create the Business of your Dreams because there are few things in life that are as delicious as making a living doing what you love.

I see so many super talented women in business waste years of their precious life on businesses and contracts they don't actually enjoy.

This is because of fear.
More precisely, the famous fear of failure.

The reason that so many women are scared to become big players in the world and get into their Zone of Genius is because they don't know HOW to do it.

They keep doing more of the same and getting more of the same.

And because they are not happy in their business, they attract low-paying customers and keep discounting their offers.
The way this affects their life at home is by way of more take-aways, more arguments with their husbands and a general sense of despair.

I know this too well because I've been there.

Until I learned how to overcome my fear of failure and how to claim my worth.

In this video, I share my 4 secrets on how to overcome the fear the failure.

Nancy Florence