The story of how I met my Coach

I'd love to tell you the story of how I met my coach and how our relationship has transformed my entire life.

Two years ago I was running 2 businesses and feeling really anxious.
My Property Business was completely sterile and I was pulling my hair out everyday trying to find a deal...somewhere, anywhere.

So I confided into a friend who referred me to my coach Louise George.
I didn't even know what coaching was at the time.
I had had a lot of therapy but no coaching.
So I signed up straight away because I was so desperate to...get out of despair.

The rest is history....

I spent the first coaching programme trying to get my property business off the ground.
I also got my self-care routine back on track.

I felt better but I wasn't quite there yet.

On a cold winter night...after a meal with other tribe coach asked me:

"Nancy do you really want this?"

Next thing you know, I was done with property and I was done with being a psychotherapist.

I wanted to become a coach and do for other women entrepreneurs what she had done for me.
Empowering women to live by their heart's desires. Nothing less.

I never looked back.

I continued to work with my coach ever since and I invested over £20K in private coaching so far.

Nancy with louise.png

The return on my investment is tenfold.

In terms of Money. In terms of Happiness. In terms of all the Life I've been able to live since I stepped into my own power as a woman.

The reason I work with a high-level coach and will continue to do so is because she empowers me to step out of my comfort zone all the time.

She empowers me to play a bigger game all the time and make an even bigger impact in the lives of my clients.

Don't think for a minute that Confidence is an innate skill for me. It isn't.

I have 2 secret weapons: the Divine Source Energy...and my Coach.

That's how I went for 0 to now creating a six-figure business and loving it!
That's how I went from feeling overwhlemed and anxious to now feeling fulfilled and proud of how far I've come.

Now I get to work with Purpose driven women entrepreneurs from all over the world who are creating amazing results in their business and life.
Consultants, Coaches, Videographers, Recruitment Specialists, Finance Advisers, Teachers and a lot more service-based business owners who want to play a bigger game.

As well as the support I get from my coach, I am also surrounded by a tribe a mastermind sisters who are up to big things in the world.
They are just incredible women who have my back.

Like I have your back too.

I want you to have, feel and experience everything I get to have, feel and experience.

I want you to step into your own feminine power and create the business and lifestyle you desire and last.

The world needs more Conscious Wealthy Women to rise and support each other for the greater good.

Nancy Ajavon