How To Stop Self-Destructive Behaviours And Honour Yourself

I shared this video in our tribe and I wanted you to have it.

I got so much response from it and I thought it might help you to deal with the guilt you feel around how many cigarettes you smoke or how little exercise you do...

Does that resonate? Watch this video to learn how to truly honour yourself.

This week I am busy coaching my private clients and preparing a gorgeous VIP Intensive in a 4-star hotel in Central London.

At my busiest times, I always make a point of looking after myself even more:

- Green smoothies
- 7 hours of sleep
- pedicure, massage, facial
- taking a lunch break to have a giggle with my daughter Maya

And yes...I also have my guilty pleasures once in a while...
I invite you to think about what works for you.

Lots of Love x

Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon