Are You Looking Forward To Tomorrow?

Are You Looking Forward To Tomorrow?

How satisfied are you with your professional life? Do you get to use your natural talents and your passion on a daily basis? Do you get paid what you are truly worth?

If you answer no to any of the questions above it means you might be feeling quite uneasy about Mondays. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, solo-entrepreneur or working 9-5, not looking forward to the week ahead is a sign that you may not be fulfilling your life purpose. Your desires are a sign of unexpressed potential. 

I know this feeling too well…the Sunday night dread…like an underlying anxiety as I was trying to concentrate on TV. I didn’t want to go to work on Mondays because I didn’t feel free to express myself in the way I do now. I didn’t feel…me. 

What is your version of an ideal Monday? Would you be working? not working? for whom? doing what? If you know what your heart is longing for, please don’t let it be misunderstood. You can only ignore your soul cry for so long before the feelings of dissatisfaction creep up again.

My trip to Florence was a physical manifestation of the vision I held for many years for my career. I wanted to travel for business, meet amazing people, eat good food and most of all, I wanted to coach people. It’s what I do best and it doesn’t feel like work to me. I want the same for you. 

Whatever your vision is for your life and your career, you CAN manifest it. Imagine what it would be like to be in that vision? To touch it, smell it and taste it.

We have the immense power as human beings to co-create our reality with the universe. Happiness is not just for other people. It’s not for clever people or beautiful people. It’s not just for wealthy people. It is for everyone. It is for YOU.

Remember: “The Whole point is to feel good.” (Danielle Laporte)

Nancy Ajavon