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Life is for Living!

A beautiful 3-month Journey for Recovering Productivity & Success Addicts

This is where Coaching meets Psychotherapy

I created this Coaching & Psychotherapy programme for you.

We are here because like most women in the world, we have learnt to work very hard.

We have learnt to please our parents, our teachers, and the masquerade didn’t end there.

In adult life, we have become diligent subordinates, working twice as hard as everyone else to please our managers and be as successful as our male counterparts.

Some of us wake up from that crazy dream and ditch the job.

Enough is enough. 

No more corporate madness. 

But it’s not long before we go back to the rate race.

Without a boss this time.

We start our own businesses.

We want to live from the heart.

And guess what? The cycle of overwork and never-ending ambition starts all over the again.

The situation gets worst as we realise that we are responsible for our own financial survival.

We worry about money all the time and watch our savings shrink day-by-day with a knot in our stomach.

Some of us are not interested in entrepreneurship so we simply change jobs hoping that we won’t be ‘taken advantage of’ this time.

We have become productivity junkies.

It looks like this:

  • You work frantically all day everyday

  • You are always in a rush

  • You barely take time for lunch and bathroom breaks

  • You feel swamped all the time by the amount of work you have to do

  • You always feel behind on your goals and you never feel like you are doing enough

I know this life too well.
I am not proud to say I have been highly productive for the past 3 decades of my life.

It started when I was a little girl.
In the midst of a turbulent childhood, I took it upon myself to become…perfect.

I started labelling things in my room, studying too much and spending entire Sundays working for the highest grades.

I missed out on so much fun!
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It didn’t.

I had a successful corporate career. I did some good work in Digital Marketing & Recruitment.

My mother committed suicide a few years ago.

I figured if I couldn’t be happy, I would be rich.

And so it goes...I became an entrepreneur and set up a successful psychotherapy practice.

I was proud to say I worked on Harley Street.

Then I created a 6-figure coaching practice online from sheer power and faith.

And then something happened that I did not anticipate.

I was still…anxious.

Still chasing my tail.

Still…not there.

I had enough.

I realised I didn’t want to work hard all my life.

For what?

Proving? Competing with myself? Or with other women?


I went back to the drawing board…studying the heart of my desires.

I got clear on how I wanted to feel and decided to redesign my life around my core desired feelings. (It’s called Desire Mapping)

I burned my chronic ambition and replaced it with what matters most to me…feeling good.

I redesigned my business and my team around my tender desires and my need to rest.

The path to Soulful Living is an ongoing journey.

Overcoming any kind of addition is a life-long commitment.

It’s a daily practice.

I am in it with you.

Now that I have released the pressure on myself I feel calmer.

I have reset my nervous system and reduced my working hours.

My team and I don’t have measurable goals anymore.

We create Quality and Deeper Connexion.

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Most days I feel how I want to feel.

I live a quiet life with my two children, my partner and my cat in London.

I work from home with gorgeous women from all over the world who have decided to join the Joyful Living Revolution.

I spend my life coaching, writing, running, practicing yoga and cooking gorgeous meals in my beautiful kitchen.

Life is good.

I would be honoured to help you create your own version of a life worth living.

That’s why I created:

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If you decide to embark on this 3-month journey with me, you will:

  • Burn the dreams that don’t feel good to dream anymore

  • Reconnect with your deepest desires and get clear on how you want to feel

  • Re-design your life based on what feels good vs what looks good

  • Create a career path/business model that brings you joy and fulfilment

  • Create more time and space in your life for relaxation and pleasure

I will bring my Best Self to the table. 

I will serve you powerfully (which means I won’t always tell you what you want to hear).

I will support you unconditionally every step of the way.

You will benefit from my years of experience as a recovering High-Achiever, Mother, Life Coach, Business Coach, Desire Map Facilitator and Psychotherapist.

My intention for you is that you end up feeling a lot calmer and happier within yourself.

You may decide that you still want to make your first million but not at the cost of your nervous system.

You may decide to stay exactly where you are and commit to spa breaks every months.
Or you may decide to revolutionise your entire life.

You might do the opposite of what Ambition tells you to do.

You decide.

Deep down you know exactly how you want your life to feel.

Supporting you in bringing your desires to life is my biggest honour and pleasure.

    This 3-month programme includes:

  • 9 telephone sessions (part coaching, part psychotherapy depending on your needs)
  • A gorgeous 3-hour in person session (or Skype if you live too far from me). This will be in or around London…probably in a beautiful forest depending on your needs and the weather!
  • A Desire Map workbook
  • A 20-page Coaching workbook to help you get clear on your intentions for the next 90 days
  • Access to the Joy Factor Experience for the duration of the programme + exclusive access to our Joy Factor Private Instagram Group
  • Email access to me

Imagine what your life would feel like without the proving and pushing?

Who would you be?

What passion would you bring to life?

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Together we are creating a new generation of talented women who prioritise Joy and Pleasure over Success and Productivity.

We are confident because we have nothing to prove.

We create happier, calmer, easier lives for ourselves and our families.

If you are interested in working with me and you’d like to discuss further, email me at:

I look forward to meeting you.

From my heart to yours.

Nancy Florence