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You are tired.

You’ve worked too hard for like…the past 3 decades.

It started when you were 10 years old.

Since then you’ve hustled your way up the corporate ladder and then…you did it again in business.

You have come to a point where you realise that no matter how much clients and income you create, you are still not happy.

You feel anxious everyday from the moment you wake up.

This whole business thing is not what you thought it was cracked up to be.

Somehow you have lost your Joy along the way.
You have lost yourself.
Trying to be all things to all people.
In the name of love, money and success.

I feel you sister.

I have been a devoted robot my whole life.

I have had 2 kids, created 4 businesses and reached 6 figures in the last 6 years alone.

Before that, I was an A-star student, ballet dancer and pianist.

I feel proud of myself.

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That’s why I made the decision to reset the clock.

I am going back to my psychotherapy roots.

Back to what feels easy and good.

Helping women entrepreneurs make more money has been rewarding and I am very good at it.

But it’s not enough.

Money is not enough.

Not for them.

Not for me.

As women in business, we need more than the money and the success.
We need joy.
Time to rest and enjoy life.

Would you agree?

I am embarking on a 12-month Journey.

I am resetting my nervous system.

There will be a lot of journalling, desire mapping, running and life coaching.

I am still gonna make money.

But that will be a by-product of my joy.

Not the other way around.

I would love to take you on this journey with me.

Treat this as a collective detox.

A global movement for more living and less proving.

I created a Virtual Haven for us.

The Joy Factor (1).png

I created this programme for myself.

I would be honoured to lead the way for YOU.

The Joy Factor intentions.png
Please promise yourself to NEVER comprise your Soul cravings or your integrity.
It’s too painful and unnecessary.

I’ll be your Soul Sister and your Companion on this beautiful adventure.

Of course, I will bring in everything I’ve got…as a Human, as a Mum, as a Coach and as a Psychotherapist.

We’re going to do this in 12 modules.













This is my most honest programme ever.

I am doing it for LOVE reasons.

I am doing it because I heard the cry of my Soul.

By the end of our year together, I intend for you to feel how you want to feel.

More Joyful…and way more free.

I hope your life and your business will fit the size of your heart by then.

Just like a glove.

Let’s form an ARMY OF WOMEN who have placed their Joy and Desires above external success.

JOY is the ultimate success.

Would you agree?

We are starting on the 16th of October 2018.

However, we’re going to do this on a 12-month rolling period.

This means you can join us anytime you want.

No rush.

Join us when your Soul says YES and you are ready to invest.

If you are one of my current clients it’s free for you. Just fill out the registration form and you are in.

This programme is NOT for striving and achieving big goals.
However, it’s designed to be nurturing, encouraging and restorative.

I’ve included lots of goodies in this programme.

I’ll be sharing with you all the daily rituals and practices that work for me.

Of course, I’ll share with you the movies and songs that lift my vibration.

You’ll get:

  • 2 Group coaching calls a month for an hour. You can ask me anything you want. I promise to be honest and encouraging.

  • A private Instagram page for us to stay close between calls. No Facebook group. I got bored of that.

  • 12 video classes

  • 12 audio classes

  • 12 workbooks

  • 1 playlist a month because…MUSIC

  • My team and I will send you a survival kit for women entrepreneurs as soon as we have figured out the cost of posting etc.

  • Access to our online Resource Centre normally only reserved for my private clients (you’ll get the workbooks, scripts, excel templates and books I have used to build my empire)

  • I will bring in some guest speakers and experts to support our expansion throughout the year

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The Joy Factor Prayer.png

That is my prayer for you…and for all of us.

All cravings are the mind seeking salvation or fulfilment in external things and in the future as a substitute for the Joy of Being
— Eckhart Tolle

PS: I am donating 5% of the profit to Charity. I am currently sponsoring a little girl called Angel in Kenya and I will continue to support the cause of women around the world with my company.

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If you'd like to speak to me before making a decision, why don't you book a Joy Factor Session first? It's free and comes with no obligation.

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