Private Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Conscious Creators.

Create your Dream Business & Life one day at a time.

It takes a special kind of Spirit to be an Entrepreneur.
Money worries.

You have to be Courageous if you’re serious about wanting to make your dreams come true.

You want it all…and you want it fast.

You want your ideas to change the world.

You want large amounts of money to flow to you easily.

You want to work with incredible clients.

You want to build a fantastic team for support and momentum.

You are driven like a mo-fo.

But that’s not all…you also want to be happy at home.

You wanna come home to your beloved.

You want a fulfilling family life…and work-life balance.

Is that too much to ask?

No it’s not.

The Universe has all of these things in store for you…if you would only allow yourself to receive them…

I know this because I create my reality consciously every day.

Until a few short years ago, I didn’t know I had the power to make things happen in my life.

I was stuck in the old paradigm of trading time for money.

Enduring my way through life.

Going from one job to another and then from one business to another with much fear and overwhelm.

I stayed in an abusive relationship for far too long because I didn’t know how powerful I truly was.


At the risk of sounding cliché, I’ll tell you what changed everything for me.

My coaches and mentors.

They taught me how to play with the fabric of life.

How to consciously manifest anything I desired.

I have to pinch myself sometimes when I look at the life I have created for myself.

I live in a house I have fantasised about for years (I never thought I would eventually live in it!)

I have 2 incredible children and 3 beautiful step children who sing, laugh and dance around the house all day long.

I am getting married to my Soul Mate this year.

And my coaching clients never cease to amaze me with the miracles they create in their own lives.



Life is good.

And I collaborated with the Universe / Light / Source / God / Life to create it.

It’s a co-creation with the Almighty.

Part work, part unwavering faith, part Magic.

I want to teach you how to do it.

That’s why I invite you to CREATE.

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Create is a life-changing private coaching programme for Entrepreneurs and Conscious Creators.

Think of it as one of the greatest adventures of your life.

You’ll learn how to get what you want.

And you’ll also learn how to be ok whether you get it or not.

That’s the Ultimate Freedom.

We will set some objectives at the start of the journey.

You will tell me exactly what your desires are for the next 12 months.

I will help you get clear on how you want to feel along the way.

We’re not going to push the boulder up the mountain.

And you’re not going to effort your way to success.


Conscious Creation is intentional.

It comes from Feeling Good First.

And it comes from Slowing Down your life.

You’ll work your Magic into your daily life.

I will show you how to love yourself deeply along the way…


Here is how your life will change:

create outside new 3.png
create inside 3.png

The best part of this programme is playing on the Goal Line (external growth) whilst also playing on the Soul Line (spiritual growth).

The higher you get on the Soul Line, the more pleasure you’ll take in playing the game of life.

You will play in a light-hearted way without getting attached to outcomes or measuring yourself according to your bank account.

Soul Line.png

That is the Ultimate Freedom.

Knowing you can create anything you like…and being happy in the present moment at the same time.

Does this sound like a project you’d like us to work on together?

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The investment for the 12-month programme is £35,000.

And the 6-month programme is £20,000.

Those prices are inclusive of VAT.

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Nancy is a rare combination of a discerning mind with razor sharp qualities and a soft gentle and open heart that can hold a sacred and loving space. Like a surgeon, Nancy Effortlessly finds The areas of one’s life that are not working And like a family doctor she builds the trust and long-term relatedness necessary for the healing of one’s soul. It’s a honour and privilege to be helped by Nancy and everyone who gets to be in her presence is blessed by who She is.

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create for you.png

Dreams really do come true.

Over the past 4 years of coaching entrepreneurs I have seen my clients create miracles in their lives.

Create clients.png

It’s all possible for you too.

The first step is to give yourself permission to want what you want with all your might…

Your desires come from the stars.

They are meant for you.

You wouldn’t have them in your heart if that wasn’t the case.

Permission is also about allowing yourself to hire a coach and invest in yourself.

A choice that is not always easy to make because of fears and self-doubt.

I know this because I myself have invested over £50,000 in coaching in the last 2 years alone and I was terrified.

But here is what I’ll say to you now…


Your return on investment will be tenfold and it will go far beyond your financial investment.

You’ll take those creation skills with you for the rest of your life and you’ll be able to teach others how to do it too.

If this is what you want…I invite you to apply for a spot now as spaces are limited.

I will be honoured to support you in creating your dream Business & Life.

Your desires are waiting for you…
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Nancy, you have been a true and wonderful gift in my life. I am so blown away by you, your resilience, your power, your smarts and your generosity. You have given so much to me and it has been so incredibly amazing. Thank you so, so very much.
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Nancy is a wonderful human being! With her help and guidance, faith in me and my ability, I have faced my fears and come through the other end.

Nancy has helped me transform my life from what it was, to achieving things I hadn’t even dare dream was possible. If you know deep down that you are not living your dream life, let Nancy help you! My journey is ongoing although I am confident that with Nancy helping me, I will get there!

Life is too short to just settle, we all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves. I am a Queen who is safe and on top of the world living a life full of adventure and I’m as free as a bird! Thanks Nancy.
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I’ve been to Tony Robbins events and walked on fire but nobody has changed my life like you have. Many coaches have contributed to my life and my growth in many ways but I’ve never given anyone credit for changing my life, you have actually changed my life.
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Coaching for me has been transformational. It’s not what you may think.

Coaching isn’t hiring someone and hoping they will change your life for you or to come in and save you, for me, private coaching has helped me take massive personal responsibility and be accountable to my dreams.

Nancy has held space for me to do exactly that. Nancy continually reminds me of my dreams, offers support in navigating them from brainstorming to strategic client creation planning and guiding me emotionally when resistance surfaces.
— NADIA, owner at