5 steps to grow your dream business whilst raising a young family

If you are an Entrepreneurial Mum, you know how crazy it all gets sometimes.
Between meals to cook, clients to serve and meetings to go to...your plate is full, to say the least.

The thing is...despite your best efforts and no matter how hard you work you are still dissatisfied with your life and the results you are creating in your business.
You are working way to hard and you don't really enjoy your business anymore.

So what can you do to turn your life around?

Take those 5 steps:

1 -  Desire: Get clear on your desires for the rest of 2017
2 - Permission: Give yourself permission to turn your dreams into actual projects and make them happen this year
3 - Liberation: Free yourself up from all obligations...and I mean ALL
4 - Design: Take bold steps to create the Business and Life you desire and deserve
5 - Mindset: Work on your mindset daily in order to attract and manifest everything you desire

The reason I achieved so much in my Business in the past 12 months alone is because I made my dreams a non-negotiable.
I gave myself permission to be a Career Mum and I decided there was nothing wrong with that.

My children are happy and thriving...and that's because I am happy and thriving.

I am on track towards my first 6-figure year. I am writing my first book and getting booked for more speaking gigs this year.
I coach my clients in gorgeous countryside places or in luxurious hotels and I only do the work I love.
I will be taking my kids to Africa and Togo over the summer and that's because I decided to turn my family life into an adventure.

I am not saying this to brag but more so to inspire you to go for your Ultimate Dreams this year.

Don't be a dabbler.
Don't settle for mediocrity because you are busy or because you are a mum.

The fastest way to reach your goals this year AND feel good doing it is to hire a coach who will push you out of your comfort zone and empower you to reach new heights in your business & Life.

Here are some of the results my private clients have achieved through working with me:

- They reduced their working hours and smashed their financial targets

- Let go of previous careers and turned their Passion into Profit

- Created High-end Clients and Secured Corporate Contracts

- Designed their new Dream Office Space outside of the family home

- Hired a team of Virtual Assistant to build their Online Empire

- Revived their relationships with their husbands (one of my clients created a gorgeous 4K month and treated her husband to a Cruise Holiday)

- Successfully Launched Gorgeous Live Events

- Checked off dreams off their Bucket List (such as travelling to Paris alone without their kids to take a luxury baking class)

Nancy Ajavon