This week was an important weekfor me because I decided to invest another £10,000 in private coaching.

Bearing in mind I have already spent 11k this year, it's a massive uplevelling for me and another great leap of faith.

The thing is...this may seem like a lot of money to be spent of coaching but, believe me, in some circles, this is completely normal.

In fact, I have met people this year who buy £100,000 coaching programmes!

What do you think of that?

The reason I am super excited to make that investment in myself and my business is because I know the power of coaching.

Since I hired my first coach in 2013, I have experienced massive quantum leaps in both my career and personal life.

I have become able to make in a week what I used to earn in a month.

I was empowered to create a business that is an authentic reflection of me.

I have travelled more in the past year than I ever did before.

I have met half a dozen millionaires and celebrities randomly or consciously.

And very importantly, I woke up to my best life.

My partner Lewis and I renewed our love and our promise to our 2 children.

The reason I am sharing this with you is to inspire you to take a deep breath and follow your instinct.

What do you desire right now? A profitable business? A new wardrobe? A trip to Paris?

What do you need to do to become the Woman who has those things?

I repeat.

Who do you need to become?...and What do you need to do to become that Woman?

For me, the answer was Private Coaching.

What's the way forward for you and your business?

Wake up to your Best Life.

Love & Light

Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon