I know how frustrating it is to want to help people and not have one single client signing up for your programmes.

If you are tired of feeling confused or discouraged I'd like to recommend you do this:

- think of your ideal Client first. Visualise 1 person only and imagine what it's like to be them.
- write down their frustrations and pain points.
- what would be a fantastic solution for them?
- what do they want?
- design your programme with her in mind. Let your programme be the perfect solution they could dream of.
- set a price that you feel inspired to charge not what you think people can afford (no one has a budget coaching but when people find what they are looking for, they'll pay your price)

It is so much easier to design your offerings for 1 person only.

The next step is to sell them.

If you are confused about all the marketing strategies you hear about online, know that it's possible for new coaches and online entrepreneurs to make 3k months with no list and no complicated marketing strategies.

That is what I did and my clients too.

Nancy Ajavon