I’m Nancy Florence,

I dedicated my life to Service 10 years ago when I first trained as a Psychotherapist.

Then I discovered Coaching.

As my Coach Steve Chandler says, it was like discovering the cure to Cancer.


My coaches have helped me make some of the most powerful decisions of my life:

✔ I decided to release myself from an abusive relationship

✔ I moved into a houseshare with my 2 children whilst building my coaching practice

✔ I decided to forgive my mum for committing suicide a few years ago

✔ I adopted a business approach that goes against everything I had previously been taught about sales and marketing

Now I live in London with my beautiful daughters and my partner. I spend my days serving my clients and writing my book. When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me singing and dancing with my kids in the living room or watching French movies with my man. At the week-end we love taking the whole family for an adventure in nature.


I’m a keen runner and practice yoga regularly

I’m also addicted to cake, life’s all about balance, right?!


I created the Life I live now one courageous decision at a time. Setting my fears aside and always moving in the direction of my desires.✨💫✨


I support my clients in doing exactly that.

Building their life one decision at a time.

Moving courageously towards their dreams.

Living by their desires.

I mostly work with women entrepreneurs and tired over-achievers.

I was honoured to work with hundreds of  incredible people all over the world who achieved great things:

  • One of my clients left a 20-year career in Education to start her dream Performing Arts School. She did it whilst raising 3 children in just a few months.

  • Another client of mine transformed her Advertising and Marketing agency into a Health & Wellbeing practice. Now she teaches corporate organisations how to look after their staff to increase happiness and productivity.

  • And one of my clients in the South of France turned her passion for drawing into a profitable Art & Coaching company. She is also a mother of 3. She loves spending her days drawing and teaching people how to channel their creativity to heal themselves.

The list goes on…

Coaching is Life-Changing

If you have something in mind you’d like to create, or if there is something in your life that doesn’t work for you anymore, email me at

I might be able to help. And if not, I might be able to help you find someone who can.

You have the power to be, have and experience anything your heart desires.

Nancy inspired me and gave me the confidence to make time to work on clarifying what I really want so I can focus my time on what really matters. I’ve already moved further with my goals in the past month than I have in the past year and feel re-ignited about the direction of my business.
I’ve been to Tony Robbins events and walked on fire but nobody has changed my life like you have. Many coaches have contributed to my life and my growth in many ways but I’ve never given anyone credit for changing my life, you have actually changed my life.
— MICHELLE, Beauty and personal development entrepreneur at

I believe in mapping out our desires...


Desire Map Retreat, Goals with Soul

Watch the video to see some behind the scenes action.

With so much love...





Hima, Personal Assistant

I am with Nancy for more than 4 years now.... before joining this wonderful team I was a Software testing engineer for a corporate bank in Bangalore, India. I quit working the regular job as i wanted to do something which is close to my heart and meaningful. Then i found Nancy and our journey began.✨

Personally i found happiness at work, started learning something new every day, became the boss of my own time.

I started looking at the world from a different lens... while my outlook and work life changed, over the years i have realised that, together we have started to make difference in lives of people we work with.

I have seen people transform, get empowered and feel good about it. I have seen people take decisions which are based on their core feelings and take their life in the direction they want.. This is the best part of my job which gives meaning and satisfaction in what i do. ❤️

More about me - I love...going on long drives, cycling, food, being in the midst of nature.

A day in my life...It starts with taking my dogs on a walk and then have my tea (my magical drink), which gets me ready for the day. I cook listening to my favorite music. Switch on my computer to check emails and tasks, and get started on the job (with many chocolates at my side which keep vanishing throughout the day)......


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