Hi, i'm nancy.



The best way I can introduce myself is by way of 2 defining moments in my life.

I was born and bread in Paris.  Then I lived in South America for a while before I moved to London 13 years ago.

Until then my life was full of contradictions.  

I worked hard to be a High-Achiever, A-grades, promotions, degrees etc.  I have worked in Digital Marketing, Recruitment and Career Coaching.  I started out as an Entrepreneur 5 years ago when my first child was only 3 years old.  I created a successful psychotherapy practice, I sold cars and I created an Online Property Business which I ran for 2 years.

On the outside, I was a kick-ass woman.  A Wonder Woman.  On the inside it was a completely different story.


I suffered from a deep lack of confidence and low self-esteem for a long time.  Childhood wounds, unhealthy relationships with men, cannabis addiction…what was going on behind the scenes was not pretty.

I worked too hard. Way to hard. I was proving. And pushing.  I was stuck in struggle and feast and famine cycles for a long time.  

And I crashed.


In 2014, I lost my mum to suicide.

Shortly after I had a stroke (or what seemed like a stroke).  That was my cue to transforming my life.  I knew I had 2 options. 

I could continue to do more of what I was doing…raising 2 young kids, running 2 businesses, performing, performing, performing.

Or I could turn my life around and let go of the struggle.

I chose the latter.

I hired a high-level coach to support me and empower me to make tough decisions.  I desire mapped and got clear on my vision for my life.  I got clear on what makes me happy.

I made my dreams non-negotiable.

Since then, I have destroyed a lot of things...some more easily than others.  I gave myself permission to burn my property business.  I left a long-term unhappy relationship.   I said "no" to a lot of things.  Now I live in London in my dream flat with my 2 girls.  I have a beautiful coaching practice and I work with incredible people from various parts of the world.

My clients rock my world everyday…and I rock theirs.

I create consistent 5-figure months doing work that I love.

I travel a lot and have made plans to go to Turkey, the South of France plus I will be hosting gorgeous mastermind events for my private clients in London, Paris and Bali this year.

I healed my relationship with men and I am creating a beautiful romantic life for myself.  My life is simple, quiet and delicious.  Of course it’s not perfect…but it’s pretty damn good.


I am a Business Lioness™ and a High-level woman but I am still real.


I still experience the same things you do…car breakdown, occasional self-doubt and fear, mild irritation at the kids etc.

Life right?

However, I don’t do anything out of obligation.


I create my reality consciously and I live in my vision board


I want the same for you and I am here to empower you to create your own version of Happiness.  Apply now and let's work together to build your dream business and life.

Working with Nancy opened up so many possibilities - it’s insane she could do that in such a short time! She made me stop and really think about making the money I need, and the mindset I need to achieve what I want.
— Nichole

You have what it takes to be successful in business! Watch the video to see some behind the scenes and learn how I work with my clients!

With so much love...




I am particularly interested in the development and growth of Africa (being half Togolose myself) and I am a proud sponsor of Sponsors For Kenya.  Sponsors for Kenya is a non-profit working to improve the lives of orphaned children and vulnerable families in Kenya.

Every month, I donate part of the profit from my business to an incredible school called Kiotani who educates orphans and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Click here if you'd like to get involved.





I've been working with Nancy for 3 years.

Previous jobs...I was a Software testing engineer for a corporate bank before teaming up with Nancy.

A day in my life...It starts with taking my dogs on a walk and then have my tea (my magical drink), which gets me ready for the day. I cook listening to my favorite music. Switch on my computer to check emails and tasks on Asana, and get started on the job (with many chocolates at my side which keep vanishing through out the day).

I live in Bangalore, India.

I love...going on long drives, cycling, food, being in midst of nature.

Best part of the gig?  Flexibility as in being the boss of my time. I get to learn so much from Nancy everyday about life and work and the balance in between.




I've been working with Nancy for about 8 months.

Previous jobs...Luxury retail manager, fashion stylist. 

A day in my life...I start the day at 6 am and do a HIIT workout, shower and get my girls up for school. After the school and nursery run, I get back to my home office, check emails and Asana then plan what I'm posting on our Social Channels for the day. I spend the morning engaging with Nancy's amazing Social community, talk with influencers and follow and engage with hashtags in our space. Invite our followers to join Nancy in her many free meditations and classes. Just generally spreading the Love!

I love... Social Video and swotting up on my skills in that area, every day I learn something new! I love to cook for my family and moved from London to Bristol so I could be closer to the countryside that I love plus now I'm closer to the ocean!

The best part of the gig:  Seeing peoples lives change! Watching women flourish and grow in their business and life with Nancy's coaching in truly inspiring. I learn so much from her. My little daily pep talk with me on WhatsApp makes my day!