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1 Day to Skyrocket your Confidence and Become the Superstar of your Business

Business is not for the faint-hearted.

Sometimes things go well, sometimes they don’t.

It’s life right?

And yet, you keep getting caught up in an emotional roller-coaster.

When you create clients and money, you feel on top of the world.

When you don’t, you feel like there is something wrong with you.

You worry about money all the time.

There is nothing wrong with you.
You are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey to success.
Life is happening FOR you not TO you.

You have come this far and there is so much more you are capable of.

You dream of working with a higher calibre of clients who are totally your Soul Mates.

They are happy to pay your fees and they show up at the highest level for your coaching/consulting.

You are tired of feeling anxious all the time about clients and money.

You are done with pushing the boulder up the mountain.

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I know how it feels to juggle a busy company, manage a team and raise a young family.

I have gone through many ups and downs and periods of overwhelm but I stayed in the game.

And I am so glad I did.

For the past 6 years of being an entrepreneur, I have invested heavily in private coaching and personal development.

I knew that in order to become successful in business I had to become a true Queen first.

So I decided to make my dreams an absolute non-negotiable.

I released myself from all the relationships that didn’t feel good to me anymore and I raised to the Highest Version of me.

I got clear on my non-negotiable desires and I built a 6-figure coaching practice without working myself to the bone.

Now I work less than 20 hours a week with clients I adore.

I get to run my empire from home and I occasionally host gorgeous intensives or events around the world.

The best part is becoming the woman/mother/partner/coach I have become.

I don’t do anything I don’t want to do anymore.

I have the power to co-create with the Universe anything I desire anytime I want.

I want the same for you gorgeous.

That’s why I am inviting you to spend an entire day with me to transform your Mindset and your Business.

We’re going to mastermind together in a high-vibe location in London to help you reconnect with your Power and your Joy in your Business.

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By the end of this amazing 1-day coaching intensive:

  • You will believe in yourself more than ever before

  • You will walk away with a powerful strategy to reach your financial goals within the next 90 days

  • You will have unshakable confidence in your ability to create Soulmate clients + 5-figure months consistently

  • You will be ready to let go of all the relationships and aspects of your business that don’t feel good to you anymore

  • You’ll be ready to create/grow your team in order for you to work less and earn more

  • You will fall in love all over again with your business and your why 

Get VERY excited.

This is where you get to seriously quantum leap.

1-day Transformation intensives are bespoke to you but some of the things we can work on are:

  • Your love life

  • Your time-management

  • Your relationship with Money

  • Your deepest fears and insecurities

  • Your ultimate dreams and ambitions

  • Your spirituality

  • Your sexual power

  • Your Brand core identify and message

  • Your new uplevelled Ideal Client

  • Your Signature Programme

  • Your Prices

  • Your Client Creation Strategy

  • Your Business Model

  • Your relationship with your parents

We will spend most of the morning together busting through your limiting beliefs + getting you in a High-vibe mindset.

We will break for a beautiful lunch together. Then we will spend the afternoon co-creating a bullet-proof strategy for your Business, Client Creation and Social Media Presence.

You will be able to take away with you all the notes and vision boards we create on the day so you can put them up on your office wall.

Are you ready for this?

The investment to work with me for a day is £4000.

This is payable in full and in advance.

There are only 4 spots available until Thursday 27th of September.

There are 2 amazing opportunities for you to secure your 1-day intensive today.

If you apply today, you will receive a huge £1000 discount.

This means you can work with me privately for an entire day for £3000 only.

If you choose to be grouped together with 1 or 2 other clients of mine, you can secure your spot today for £1700 only.

This means you will be invited to a small group intensive for 2 to 3 people.

This is a great investment if you are not ready to invest in private coaching but you still want to experience a serious up-level.

Seats are offered by application and invitation only.

Click on the button below to submit your application now.

At this point, you may be wondering if this investment will be worthwhile for you.

This is a great question to ask yourself.

My coaching is not for everyone.


  • You are not willing to take actions outside of your comfort zone

  • You are not interested in creating clients and money now

  • You are not ready to invest in yourself because you don’t think you will create your return on investment


  • You have made up your mind that this your time to seriously up-level your Client Creation Game + your income

  • Creating your return on investment is a non-negotiable

  • You are prepared to show up fully on the day with clear intentions and an open mind

  • You are ready to experience a profound transformation of your mindset and the way you look at the world

This is NEXT LEVEL baby.

My clients have experienced huge shifts as a result of our 1-day intensives.
Here is what they had to say at the end of our day.

Everything you desire is waiting for you…

Keep showing up for yourself and be willing to fail forward.

Success in business requires a lot of self-belief and tenacity.

If this is what you want, I invite you to come and transform your life here with me in London…NOW.

Create more Cash by Giving more Love.


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