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You want it.

You want it bad.

The success.

The money.

The relationship.

The man.

The recognition.


But you are tired.

Always busy.

You work too much.

How could you fit in more?

Are you even allowed to want more?

Are you asking for too much?

No you’re not.

You want what you want because it’s meant for you.

You wouldn’t want it unless you had the capacity to create it.

I am here to help you create what you want the most.

In your Life.

And you Business

We’re gonna do this by resetting your nervous system first.

All  the stress, pushing and anxiety are unnecessary.

We might burn some of your dreams and ambitions…especially the ones you want to impress people with.

You’re gonna do less proving, more living.
You’re gonna carve out time in your diary to do more of what you want.
And the best part…you’re gonna give yourself permission to be wildly expressed and joyful.

Remember: “Feeling good is the whole point” Danielle Laporte

Listen to it 100 times if you have to…

“Nancy’s has helped me literally transform my lifestyle and my life. I am achieving things that I would only have dreamed of a year ago.”
— Rachel

Hi, I'm Nancy Florence

I am a Coach, Psychotherapist, Desire Map Facilitator, Speaker and Mother of 2 beautiful girls.

Everything I do is centered around my client results.


FEAtured ON

Listen to my podcast with Three Sixty Conversations on doing less, achieving more and feeling fulfilled.


Joy + Sanity is Success

This beautiful picture is from one of my gorgeous clients Gisele.



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I am particularly interested in the development and growth of Africa (being half Togolose myself) and I am a proud sponsor of Sponsors For Kenya.  Sponsors for Kenya is a non-profit working to improve the lives of orphaned children and vulnerable families in Kenya.

Every month, I donate part of the profit from my business to an incredible school called Kiotani who educates orphans and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Click here if you'd like to get involved.