It’s interesting how you got here.

You created the business/high-flying career.

You’ve obsessed about your goals day and night.

You pulled off most of them.


And yet…you still don’t feel the way you want to feel.

The old fantasy of

I’ll be happy when…
I have the money
The clients
The money
The man/woman
The kids
The house…etc

hasn’t actually delivered the joy and fulfilment you expected.

Explore 4.png

Now, let me reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you.

You are not ungrateful or eternally dissatisfied.

There is nothing missing in your DNA that prevents you from really FEELING your life.

You are simply attached to an old way of being.

You are stuck in the pursuit of external outcomes that won’t fill you up either.

Your past is filled with pain and a part of you still lives in it.

You don’t actually know how to sustain feeling good for long periods of time.


I understand how that feels because of my own journey through life.

Over the past few years, I have manifested my dream coaching company, my dream man, my dream children…and even my dream house.

And it took all this for me to realise that none of those external goals would ever be enough to fulfil me at the deepest level.

Of course, my family and my work gave me a lot of joy.

But my soul craved something different.

I wanted to become friends with me.

I craved rest, time, freedom inside.

Are you with me so far?

So I embarked on a beautiful journey of exploration.

I let go of a past filled with pain and reinvented the story of me.

I stopped working with coaches on the Goal Line and I hired a coach to travel up the Soul Line.

Soul Line.png

As a result of this work I have found new ways of being the world.

Life feels more like a game to me and I don’t take things as seriously anymore.

I am way more relaxed and have way more time to do the things I love.

I spend a lot of time in Nature with my family.

I travel the world to explore new cultures and places.

I take my clients to places inside of them that they’ve never seen before.

It’s an exciting adventure and I’d love to take you with me.

Let’s venture out on your Soul Line to discover your Hidden Treasures.

Explore Programme pic.png

If your Soul craves more adventure and fulfilment I invite you to EXPLORE with me.

explore .png

I’ll take you into the Unknown.

That’s where we’ll go together.

Unknown places outside of you.

Unknown places inside of you.


Are you ready to experience a beautiful Transformation?

Private Coaching makes that possible.

You’ll be Christopher Columbus and I’ll be your loyal companion.

I will support you when you feel scared and when you feel cold.

I will help you find the freedom and fulfilment that is missing in your life right now.

explore works-2.png

The investment for the 12-month programme is £35,000.

And the 6-month programme is £20,000.

Those prices are inclusive of VAT.

Daniel testimony.png
Nancy is a rare combination of a discerning mind with razor sharp qualities and a soft gentle and open heart that can hold a sacred and loving space. Like a surgeon, Nancy Effortlessly finds The areas of one’s life that are not working And like a family doctor she builds the trust and long-term relatedness necessary for the healing of one’s soul. It’s a honour and privilege to be helped by Nancy and everyone who gets to be in her presence is blessed by who She is.
— Daniel Harner, Coach at www.danielharner.com


This is an opportunity for you to break out your own patterns of doing what’s known.

The pattern of pursuing money and outer goals everyday.

The pattern of over productivity and busy-ness that keeps you absent from your own life.

The pattern of feeling down on yourself because your career or your relationship isn’t good enough.

This work is unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

Unlike any coaching programmes you’ve invested in before.
Hammack .png

Who knows what the outcome will be for you?

By the end of this exploration, you might be in a completely different place to where you are now, physically and emotionally.

You might have discovered something completely new that you feel passionate about.

You might feel like a totally different person…feeling high on life and adventure.


Because of your spiritual growth and your higher vibration, I wouldn’t be surprised to see you manifest incredible things in your external reality.

Working on the Soul Line has you make huge quantum leaps on your Goal Line.

My clients have been known to create large amounts of money with very little effort and time.

You’re gonna stop playing in the old paradigm of trading time for money.

You’ll learn how to manifest what you want at a much higher level.


And best of all, you’ll have a totally different relationship to YOU and to YOUR LIFE.

And THAT…will change everything for you.


Where do you want this exploration to lead you?

What does your Soul crave?

Untitled design-7.png
Nancy, you have been a true and wonderful gift in my life. I am so blown away by you, your resilience, your power, your smarts and your generosity. You have given so much to me and it has been so incredibly amazing. Thank you so, so very much.
Untitled design-3.png
Nancy is a wonderful human being! With her help and guidance, faith in me and my ability, I have faced my fears and come through the other end.

Nancy has helped me transform my life from what it was, to achieving things I hadn’t even dare dream was possible. If you know deep down that you are not living your dream life, let Nancy help you! My journey is ongoing although I am confident that with Nancy helping me, I will get there!

Life is too short to just settle, we all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves. I am a Queen who is safe and on top of the world living a life full of adventure and I’m as free as a bird! Thanks Nancy.
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I’ve been to Tony Robbins events and walked on fire but nobody has changed my life like you have. Many coaches have contributed to my life and my growth in many ways but I’ve never given anyone credit for changing my life, you have actually changed my life.
Untitled design-6.png
Coaching for me has been transformational. It’s not what you may think.

Coaching isn’t hiring someone and hoping they will change your life for you or to come in and save you, for me, private coaching has helped me take massive personal responsibility and be accountable to my dreams.

Nancy has held space for me to do exactly that. Nancy continually reminds me of my dreams, offers support in navigating them from brainstorming to strategic client creation planning and guiding me emotionally when resistance surfaces.
— NADIA, owner at www.nadiaafternoontea.co.uk