Have you heard of the Desire Map?
It’s my favourite book EVER.
It’s by Danielle Laporte, Canadian author.
Changed my life.
The Desire Map Experience.png

After I discovered it 3 years ago, I made some radical changes in my life:

  • I left a 13-year relationship in which I thought I was trapped

  • I burned my property business and created my dream coaching practice

  • I created a beautiful company called Nancy Florence Ltd. We are a team of 3 women empowering other women all over the globe

  • I stopped cleaning (that’s big win for me considering my past obsession with cleaning)

  • I met my Soulmate…

  • I became the Woman who I have always wanted to be

  • I became a devoted desire map facilitator

The Desire map book, workbooks and online content gave me the theory I needed to change my mindset.

However, understanding things on an intellectual level was not enough for me.

needed support.png

So I hired a Coach and a Therapist.

My coach held my hand every step of the way.

She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

My therapist helped me understand the cause of my suffering.

We did some deep inner child work.

And I finally cracked my unhealthy relationship patterns with men.

My journey was pretty messy...to say the least.

I cried lots of tears, burnt some dreams along the away…and made a ton of mistakes.

But it was worth it.

By getting clear on how I want to feel, I was able to transform my relationship with Life itself.

I have learned how to work my Core Desired Feelings into my business, my calendar, my parenting, my sex life, my everything…


The most revolutionary thing for me was giving myself permission to want what I want.

I no longer endure my way through life.

I am no longer addicted to Productivity and Success.

I created a life where I feel how I want to feel…

Right now I am writing those words on my sofa with a cuppa coffee by the fire place.

And It’s Monday afternoon…

Total bliss.

life not perfect.png

I want the same for you.

That’s why I created…


This 3-month Journey is designed to help you get BEYOND the theory of desire mapping.

It’s a delicious blend of Coaching, Psychotherapy and Retreat all in one programme.

soul medicine.png

We’ll start on Thursday 27th of December to end the year beautifully and get ahead of 2019.

By the end of March, you’ll be so much more anchored in your Core Desired Feelings:

  • You will actually feel the way you want to feel a lot more of the time

  • You will have made some courageous changes and decisions to move you closer to your ideal life

  • You will be a lot kinder to yourself

  • You will live life according to your desires, not your obligations

  • You will do way less proving and way more living

  • You will feel 100 times more confident in your ability to create anything you desire

  • You will live out your Core Desired Feelings through a simple plan of action and calendar system

This is dynamite.


This experience is especially magical for women who are busy high-achievers.

They are tired of feeling tired.

They crave more Joy and fulfillment in their Career and their romantic life.

Is this you?

Here is what we’re going to do together:

  • We’ll start with a group call on the 27th of December at 11am GMT. There will be 8 of us, including me.

  • We’ll have a group coaching call every 2 weeks

  • You’ll get to spend some precious 1-1 time with me as well as I have included 2 private calls for you and me

  • We’ll conclude the programme with a gorgeous Spring Retreat in March 2019 (23rd and 24th within travelling distance of London)

  • I will give you access to a wealth of online resources which will bring all of this together for you

why start now.png

Danielle recommends getting ahead of the new year by desire mapping in December.

This way, you will start 2019 feeling empowered and energised by the renewal this experience brings.

I will guide you every step of the way to navigate through tough decisions and sustain the changes you make.

I will create a safe space for you to define joy and success on your own terms.

You might decide to move to the South of France and work in a bakery.

Or you might decide to create a 6-figure business from home…right where you are...

right or wrong.png

I am excited to see you bring your desires to life.

Your desires are there for a reason.

It’s time for you to live for yourself…

In doing so, you’ll be of so much more service to the world.

If you’d like to find out if this experience is for you, book a call with me here:

PS: Dates to pencil in your diary

  • Start: Thursday 27th of December at 11am with a group coaching call on Zoom

  • 6 bi-weekly coaching calls

  • 2 private sessions with me

  • Lots of online resources from the Joy Factor and the Business Lioness courses (meditations, audio training’s, video training’s, music playlists etc.)

  • A gorgeous 2-day retreat on the 23rd and 24th of March 2019

  • 3 months of support, encouragement and email access to me

  • And of course…your very own Desire Map workbook

P.S. Have you listened to my last audio training course? It’s free.

You can access it here: