She believed she could, so she did.

— R.S. Grey

You are here because you want to be a Business Lioness.
You are Wild. Free. Ambitious. And Gorgeous.

You want to create Wealth, Love & Joy by creating a lifestyle business built around your deepest desires.

I am here to help you create Soul mate clients, consistent high-level income and more freedom.
Be prepared to seriously uplevel your relationship with Money & Men.

Are you ready to step our of our comfort zone?

My clients experience a whole paradigm shift through working with me.

I am holding the space for you to create your own miraculous life.


Why does coaching matter?


According to Career Partners International, 40% of 400 U.S. and Canadian business leaders interviewed choose coaching as their preferred method for leadership development. Research is accumulating that shows a return-on-investment (ROI) of five to eight times the cost of coaching, or 500%-800%.

- David Rock and Linda J. Page,  Coaching with the Brain in Mind


“Nancy, your magic works!!! After your words and powerful coaching I just made £5000 in 24 hours! Money in the bank xxx
Your belief in me + empowering insights helped me move mountains.
Thank you so much!
— Justina



An Extraordinary Coaching Experience that will change your life forever


Who is the Business Lioness?

  • She is a Powerhouse of a Woman.

  • She is a Conscious Creator of her reality.

  • She has taken radical responsibility for her experience of life.

  • She is a financial grown up because she doesn’t expect anyone to bail her out.

  • She doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

  • She expects to get paid every month by Soulmate clients who pay her in full and in advance

  • She loves music, great food and travel.

  • She creates consistent 5-figure months for herself.

  • She is a loving human being.

  • She has an amazing Love life.

  • She creates more cash by giving more love.


Wanna be her don't you?
You are that woman already...you just need to give yourself permission to fully step into the Highest Version of you.


Let’s see where you are at now...

  • You are a gorgeous woman in business.

  • You’ve been going for about a year now.

  • You love what you do and you love serving your clients. However, you often feel anxious and overwhlemed.

  • You have the work ethic of a machine. You can outwork anyone you know.

  • But you work too hard. You never feel like you are doing enough.

  • You want to spend more time with your family and friends but there is always more work to be done.

  • You are stuck in a feast and famine cycle and you wish you could create more consistency in your business.

  • You feel awkward talking about money and you resent ‘the sales part’.

  • Although you are a bright, sassy, fierce woman, you doubt yourself a lot.

  • You have a love/hate relationship with social media because you fall into 'compare and despair' everytime you go on Insta.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning without feeling anxious about your bank balance?
Opening your inbox and reading emails of prospective clients wanting to work with you?
Feeling blessed with financial abundance AND romance without having to choose one or the other?
Feeling proud of yourself and the lifestyle you have created for yourself.

All of this is possible for you my Lioness.

All it takes is a decision.
You have to decide to rise now.
You have to make the decision to stop struggling and start thriving in your business.


I know what it's like to suffer in business. I have the scars on my back...

Only 2 years ago, I was a struggling mum of 2 kids, juggling 2 businesses and feeling completely broke and overwhelmed.

I made the decision to turn my life around, hire a coach and leave my man.

Now I run a gorgeous 6-figure business from home working with Soulmate clients and a kick-ass team of personal assistants. 

I work 24 hours a week whilst my girls are in school and I spend my free time taking them to incredible adventures all over the world.

I want the same for you too.

The Business Lioness Programme will support you in creating the Business and Lifestyle you secretly dream of.
You will learn how to create Soulmate Clients consistenly.
You will serve them at the Highest Level.
You will have the opportunity to create your own 5-figure months without killing yourself trying.
You will become the woman you have always wanted to be.
Your personal life will take a delicious turn as you uplevel your intimate and family relationships.
You will be an incredible role model for your children and future generations to come.
Lifestyle collage.png

So how do you get into the Programme?

  1. You need to make a Bold decision to seriously uplevel your Business & Life

  2. You need to give yourself permission to invest in yourself at a level you have never invested before in order to create results you have never created before.

  3. I only work with women who have made their dreams an absolute NOW THING & NON-NEGOTIABLE.

There are 2 ways to work with me, and we will work together for 6 months at a time.


Private Coaching


  • 6 months of 1-1 coaching

  • 1 Day of Deep Transformational Coaching in a High-Vibe Location in London

  • 12 Coaching Sessions (bi-weekly)

  • 2-day Mastermind with your Mastermind Sisters (Bali - 10th & 11th of December)

  • Email Access to me and my team between sessions

  • The Lioness Pride which is your personal resource centre. This is where you will find your Personal Coaching Workbook and many more resources

  • Access to my support team of online professionals

  • Value: This programme is worth £30k

  • Price: £18,000 payable in full and in advance

Payment In Full: £18,000

Group Coaching


  • 6 months of group coaching

  • Bi-weekly group sessions

  • Email access to me for the duration of the programme

  • A private Facebook group

  • Access to the Lioness Pride: this is your personal Resource Centre (workbooks, meditations and the list of books that changed my life)

  • A 2-day Quantum leap Salon on the 15th/16th October

  • Value: This programme is worth £20k

  • Your investment today: £10,000 payable in full and in advance

“Each week Nancy helped me move forward, guiding me to realise and release old patterns that weren’t serving me anymore. To stand in my full potential. I felt safe to bare all with Nancy. She holds an incredibly supportive space. Full of wisdom, compassion and love, I cannot recommend working with Nancy enough.”
— Suzy, Property Entrepreneur & Health Coach
Nancy’s support in the area of client creation has been a game changer! Forget sales scripts and discovery call handbooks, Nancy is the kind of coach who tailors her support to the unique realities of whatever is going on for you and your prospective clients.
Working with her has allowed me to avoid the “awkward dance” with people who say they want to work with me, but then come up with a million reasons why they can’t…at least not yet. Now my clients are actually thanking me for enrolling them in my coaching, because in the process I helped them overcome their own limiting beliefs and find the courage to claim what they really want for themselves.
Now I love talking to prospective clients because I know that success is actually all about providing good coaching (which is my passion) to masterfully support people in making the best decision for themselves.
As a result I am truly serving my prospects rather than “selling” to them and am enrolling only those clients who are truly committed. Thank you Nancy!
— Ciara, Career Coach


At this point, one thing is likely to happen to you.  

You are meeting the wall of terror.  

It goes like this: “I am terrified of investing that much money” and “What if I fail as a client?”

How do I know this?


Because I have invested over £100K in private coaching in the past 2 years alone.  I know how scary it feels to take a gamble and spend money you haven’t made yet.

I am not going to try to convince you that this is the right programme for you.  I’d rather have you watch what my current and past clients have said about their experience of working with me.  If you want to create similar results, then book a conversation with me and I will tell you if I can help you do that.


The return on your investment will be tenfold. Typically my clients recoup their investments in less than 2 months…sometimes 2 weeks.

The confidence & joy they gain from working with me makes their investment even more worthwhile.

What makes the GROUP PROGRAMME a no-brainer for you?

  • One of my clients went from 0 to 8K in less than a months of starting the programme, then she upgraded her programme to private coaching

  • All of my clients on the previous round of Business Lionesses have manifested incredible results including their first high-paying clients, new premises and their soulmate

  • I am fully booked in terms of private clients now so this is the only opportunity for you to be supported by me at the moment

  • This programme is packed with value and is worth £20,000 however you can sign up today for £10,000

  • There are only 8 spots worldwide and the doors will close on Wednesday 12th of September at 6pm

  • The return on your investment will be tenfold as you create more Joy, more Freedom and more Clients

The Business Lioness Programme is more than a business mentorship.
You will learn practical tools for you to become a Powerful Creator of your own Reality.
You will learn the life-long skill of manifesting anything you desire.
This is one of the best coaching programmes for women in business wanting to create 5-figure months with ease and joy.

Here is what is currently happening in the lives of my clients in the Business Lioness Sisterhood:

- Women are creating 15k sales + consistent clients & high income

- Women are creating 5k in less than 24 hours

- Women are closing 10k deals with big brands and world-known TV shows

- Women are taking people to Jamaica and getting paid to do work they love and would gladly do for free

- Women are opening their own Performing Arts schools and Beauty Salons

- Women are creating their own high-end brand and sticking their flag in the sand

- Women are leaving their man

- Women are loving their man more than ever

- Women are building their own teams, hiring personal assistants and recruiting new staff members

- Women are creating amazing live shows, events and VIP intensives

- Women are leaving part time jobs and going into full time entrepreneurship

We all started somewhere…we all started with 0 income and 0 clients right?  I made all the mistakes in the book.  It's all progress.

So let me ask you this…(you might want to write your answers down on your notepad…those questions are a goldmine.)

What do you want to create before the end of 2018?

How do you want to feel at the Christmas dinner?

What’s your financial target for this month?

What prospective clients do you want to enrol immediately?

What kind of romantic relationship would rock your world?


I am taking you from where you are now to high levels of Success.

From Self-Doubt to Fierce Confidence.

From having a good life to creating an Extraordinary Life.

The gorgeous clients, the juicy income, the sexy relationship, the travel, the beautiful wardrobe…it’s all yours for the taking.  You get to live in your vision board my dear.

You decide.

And the Universe will re-configure itself around your request.

The answer is always…yes.


From my heart to yours...

Client Collage.jpg

PS: Here is what you can expect from working with me:

  • Be prepared to experience a HUGE PARADIGM SHIFT. You will open your eyes to a whole new reality where everything is possible

  • You will become an even more powerful Manifester of Wealth, Clients and Joy

  • You will harness your talent and serve your clients at the highest level

  • You can count on me to call you on your B.S.

  • I will empower you to do things you have never done before

  • I will get to know you intimately as we work on your insecurities, femininity, personal relationships and maybe even sexuality (it’s all linked to Financial Power)

  • I may call you out of the blue between sessions but I will not babysit you (you are too powerful for that)

  • I will support you every step of the way and give you access to my personal network of high-level service providers and women entrepreneurs

  • I will bring 8 year of Clinical Experience in Psychotherapy + 6 years of Entrepreneurial Wisdom to support you at the Highest Level.

  • See you in the Programme...