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You have come this far.

You are tired.

The past few years have been the busiest years of your life.

Building the business.

Raising the children.

Tending to thousands of to-do lists.

You have been extremely courageous.
You have accomplished impossible things already.

And yet…something is missing.

You could give it many names.

Inner peace.


A sense of accomplishment about what you have…accomplished?

You want to feel rested.

You crave more time to live.

Less time at work.

But you still want the fat cash without the stress.

You are done being over-productive.

You are done postponing your life into the future.

You want to live now…

You have been saying you would go back to dancing for over 10 years now.

You have been meaning to go on that yoga retreat for ages.

And your dream of speaking on stage? Should we talk about it?

Don’t get me started on the book you wanted to write…

Something always gets in the way of your desires.

Business is…busy.

You are starting to feel a little…older?

Sometimes you feel desirable.

Sometimes you don’t.

A lot of the time, having sex with your husband feels like another thing on your to-do list.

You are not sure if your marriage is on the right track.

And the kids?

It’s scary to see how much they have grown.

You look at them with adoration and a sense of guilt…have you spent enough time with them?

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At times, I was severely overworked and highly anxious.

Other times, I had to make the most terrifying decisions.

I left the relationship, burnt the business, started over.

Sometimes I made tons of money…sometimes I wondered if I was going to make rent.

I have been in the trenches long enough to know this.

There are different seasons in a woman’s life.

In every single season you are adored and supported by life.

You have already proven yourself to yourself enough times.

It’s time for you to start trusting yourself more than ever.

It’s time for you to do way less pushing and striving.

In favour of…your most sacred desires.

My life took a delicious turn when I gave myself permission to live by my desires

I was done suffering and feeling like I had to endure my life.

My life is not perfect but I designed it around the shape of my heart.

I created a gorgeous coaching company that changes the lives of hundreds of women around the world.

I spend quality time with my 2 daughters everyday and our bond is stronger than ever.

I am building a tree with a man I adore and for whom I have fallen head over heels.

I create time every day in my diary to do the things I love: yoga, running, reading my books, writing my book, journalling and watching Netflix.

Mostly, I get to feel how I want to feel everyday of the year.

I want to feel Relaxed, Boho, Pleasure and Generous.

I want the same for you too.

That’s why I created…

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This is a private coaching programme for women entrepreneurs wanting to live by their desires.

The transformation is you going from Busy to Easy. From Tired to Invigorated.

You’ll embark on this beautiful journey with me with a sense of wind beneath your wings.

By the end of the work:

  • You will have finally made the decisions that will get you closer to your desired life.
  • You will have finally made the changes and taken the actions you have been postponing until now.
  • You will be crystal clear on how you want to feel everyday.
  • You will have the tools to create your day around your Core Desired Feelings (your most preferred feeling states).
  • You will have a brand new relationship with your Business and your to-do lists.

Those changes are profound.

Over the years of doing this work, I have seen women take big bold steps towards their dreams.

One of my clients decided to move to New York with her youngest child and run her skincare company from there.

Another one took the plunge and created her dream Performing Arts School. She is a Brave and Beautiful mother of 3 who said yes to her desires.

One client of mine took a trip to Paris alone on a whim. She had dreamt of learning the Art of French Patisserie for years but always prioritised her family first.

And one woman decided to turn her art into a business. Now she teaches people how to use art for personal growth and she is finally fulfilling her dream of drawing everyday (she is also a mother of 3 by the way).

The possibilities are endless.

When women say YES to their desires, they end up feeling more of themselves.

They feel braver.

More beautiful.

Can you imagine becoming the heroine of your own life?

Actually doing what you want to do on a daily basis? Including the dance lessons or whatever makes your heart sing...

Living in the house where you want to live with the people you actually want to live with?

Working with your dream team serving your dream clients?

Running your business calmly and joyfully without worrying about money all the time?

That’s exactly what’s in store for you.

We’re gonna work on 4 areas of your life.

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The point is for you to feel good in all of those areas.

For you to create Conscious Cash with ease and joy.

For you to create the Romance you truly desire.

Approach your weekly calendar with excitement and devotion.

Honouring your feelings, your doubts, your dreams, your everything like you never did before.

I am gonna use various tools to help you do just that.

I promise to bring everything I’ve got and to support you every step of the way.

All of my life experience, all of my years in business, all of the lessons from the trenches.

I will also bring elements of my psychotherapy training and my desire map skills to the table.

Just in case…

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Here is how this works:

  • The programme will last 3 to 6 months depending on what you want to create

  • We will meet fortnightly for private coaching sessions on Skype

  • You will have access to me between sessions via e-mail

  • I’ll invite you on group calls so you can meet my other clients and learn from them

  • You will also be invited to my next Desire Map week-end where you will set Goals with Soul

If you’d like to hire me as your coach and find out what the investment will be, I invite you to book a conversation with me first.

I want to get this right.

Hiring a coach is a big decision so let’s explore your options first, shall we?

If we are a good match for working together and you can feel it in your bones and I can feel it in mind, I will tell you how to book your spot.

We’ll get started straight away.

There are 6 spots available until Friday the 25th of January.

Can you already feel the wind beneath your wings?

Are you already clear on some of the changes you want to make this year?

Do you know how you want to feel?

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You can book a call…right here…right now.

To your most precious desires…


Nancy Florence

Hopefully you receive this message Nancy. I really want to thank you for the gift you gave me at the start of this year. You allowed me to be in a position where I could feel comfortable with being in my own skin, walking around confidently and feeling much happier. I still got ways to go in life but compared to last to the start of this year its been a massive improvement. I’m super grateful for the time we spent together. Thank you. I really hope you have had a lovely Christmas and achieve what you want to achieve next year!
— Kate