When you feel alone in your business...

Sometimes, you’ll feel alone if your business.

There is no-one around you who is playing at your level.

You can’t really speak to your friends, your parents or your hubby about what’s truly going on in your business.

They won’t get it.

They will judge.

They will get even more worried than you are.

Sometimes you just wish you had a friend who understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

The risks you take.

Your investments.

How it feels to take on one more team member and not know if you’re gonna make rent.

You have ambitions and dreams but you don’t know if they’re possible.

You doubt yourself.

Are you asking for too much?

Are you deluded?

Can it be that easy?

And one of my personal favourites…

Who do you think you are to be hanging out with superstars?

Sounds familiar?

I know the feeling.

Personally, I enjoy the sacred solitude of working from home on my own.

I am a true loner when it comes to work.

I enjoy my own company.

However when I needed a friendly ear to comfort me, I didn’t always have someone to turn to.

My lifeline has been my coach.

She is an entrepreneur herself so she gets it.

I surrounded myself with other women like me who are juggling business and motherhood.

Men too.

I had a call with Danielle Laporte this week.

I asked her a question about something I was struggling with and she opened up to me about her own fears.

The best thing about surrounding yourself with coaches, mentors and peers is this.

You realise you are not alone.

Your coaches have been through the same challenges before you.

Learn from them.

Sit at their feet and soak in the Wisdom.

I am committed to providing the same level of support to my clients and my community.

I give them everything I’ve got.

All my experience, my imagination, all my compassion, support and encouragement.

When 2 women come together for a common purpose i.e. her dreams...magic happens.

I love seeing women create something out of nothing.

Dreams really do come true.

Nancy Florence