What it's like to be a Woman...

Being a Woman (human) is such a delicious and complex experience.

We are magnetic.

We are strong.

We feel the doubt, every single say.

We are responsible for everything and everyone.

We have the capacity to carry the entire house on our shoulders…and some.

We raise the children.

Cook the meals.

Do the work.

We don’t always feel like women.

Sometimes we feel like a 5 year-old girl.

We experience glory…sometimes.

Most of the time, we feel humbled by life.

There are so many lessons to learn…

Where does it end?

We know that being a woman is an immense privilege.

We want to enjoy it more.

With volume.

With confidence.

With dignity.

Way more dignity…

Today I will say a prayer for you and for me…and for women all over the world.

I honour the Goddess in you.



Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon