Is It Ok To Have Dreams That Don't Involve Your Kids?

So what are you up to this week end?
It's a gorgeous 3-day bank holiday week end here in London and I woke up early to write this message to you before my kids wake up.

I've got a questions for you:

Do you think it's ok to have personal dreams and aspirations when you're a mum? it ok to want more than what you have now...a home, husband, children, enough money to provide for them?

Feel the answer for yourself.

For will be a resounding YES!

Because you're a mum does not mean you are not YOU anymore.

You're still a person first. You are a woman first...with desires, fantasies and gorgeous dreams that are there for the taking.

Perhaps you are concerned that your dreams will take you away from your children.

One of my clients recently gave herself permission to travel to Paris to take a French Cooking Class she had dreamt of for a long time.

She is having to leave her 2 kids 'behind' for a few days but guess what?

I bet you that when she comes back, she'll have glitter in her eyes andshe will be more alive...

Isn't that what children want? A mother who is...truly alive? awaken to her Best Life?

Fulfilling your dreams does not have to mean travelling the world necessarily (although you are more than welcome to do so if it's what's meant for you).

However, in my experience, it's likely that, whatever your heart desires, you will need to make time and space for it.

Whether it's a holiday on your own, a bigger business, a better job, a'll have to create the time somewhere in your busy schedule to make it happen.

What would it be like to give yourself permission to take some time to yourself?

How could you tell your kids that mama has a dream she needs to attend to?

How can you make it work?

Dreams really do come true.

I have 2 children under the age of 7 and I've always been fierce about my personal freedom to fulfill my dreams.

Years ago I decided to take a stand for the 'AND' rather thanlive by 'either/or' principles.

So here is how my life looks now:

- I pick up my kids from school everyday, I attend most assemblies and recoder recitals, I cook from scratch several times a week, I help them with their homework and speaking French (my mothertongue), they enjoy my company almost every single day of the year


- I take at least one holiday on my own every year, whether it's a 3-day trip to Barcelona or a personal development retreat, I create that time for me, myself and I. I am positively obsessed with my work, I treat myself to a gorgeous massage when I need it, I book the babysitter when I want to go out dancing or when I'm on a date with my partner Lewis, I bribe my kids with TV anda treat when I need to work during family time, I take the whole family abroad just so thatmummy can attend one of her international conferences for her personal (and unapologetically selfish) development.

I do this because I figured something out...

If I am feeling turned on by life and kids will feed off me and feel that way to.
They feel everything I feel anyway...

Nancy Ajavon