I Tried A New Recipe Yesterday: Guilt-Fragranced Pancakes.

Yesterday, I picked up my kids from school and I decided to make pancakes.
It wasn't that I wanted to make pancakes.
It's because I was feeling guilty.

I had an evening client to see on Harley Street which meant I was going to be away from them from 6pm to 9pm.
A crucial time of the day.
I was gonna miss dinner, bath time, story time etc.

So I mixed my batter and cracked on with making my pancakes.
There were crepes actually (the French version, thinner with a ton of butter!)

Meanwhile my kids played outside in the garden.
So I jumped in and out of social media, between pancakes...connecting with people etc.

More guilt.

I should have been making conversation with my kids instead...

And then the time came to go to work.
The babysitter came.
She is the best.

Still feeling guilty.

My 3-year old starting crying as soon as the babysitter knocked at the door.
Her mouth full of chocolate.
Pulling my leg...literally...as young children do...

And I left.
Handbag, high heels, red lipstick, book for the Tube...the usual gear.

Let me tell you the truth << Test First Name >>.

I love my kids more than anything in the world.
But I love my work too.
I felt torn because I wanted to be there for my kids but, at the same time, I was really looking forward to seeing my client too.

You see, I love coaching.
It gives me joy.
It makes me feel alive.

So my personal way to deal with the guilt of being a working mum is this.
By the time I cam home at 9pm, they were in bed but still awake.
The mum that came home may have been away for 3 hours but guess what?
She was happy, fulfilled, passionate, ignited...full of life...full of love.

And to me...that HAS to be good enough.
In fact, it's my definition of what a Modern Mum is.

Courageous. Turned on. And full of love for herself and others.

From my heart to yours.
Nancy Florence.

Nancy Ajavon