Effort vs Ease...Everything you want is downstream

This week is the last week of the month.

Taxes are due on Thursday.

You are finalising your sales and your deadline is fast approaching.

You might be tempted to effort your way to the finish line.

You might be tempted to work harder, faster.


There is no need for it.

The most important work you need to do this week is the Vibrational Work.

Do everything you know to do to get into alignment first.

It’s also called your feel-good place.

Wake up early.

Meditate for 15 minutes.

Wear a skirt.

Put make up on.

Journal from the perspective of your future yourself who already has what you want.

What message does she have for you today?

She is saying Well Done.

You are thinking the right thoughts.

Taking the right actions.

You are perfect.

I am so proud of you.

Come to me. 

Be at peace with where you are in relation to me.

Don’t forget that you are me. And I am you.

You are making fantastic progress.

Enjoy the unfolding of what you want.

Enjoy every second of it.

So how do you create from a place of Ease vs Effort?

Have a brain dump.

Put down on a piece of paper all the actions you want to take this week.

Then, pick the one you feel most enthusiastic about and get started.

Then move onto the next action you feel called to do.

Might be on the list. Might not be.

That’s your inner being speaking.

Listen to your intuition.

Who do you feel like communicating with next?

You have already created the clients, income and relationships you desire.

Your job this week is to open yourself up to receiving them.

It takes courage to let go of the paddles and just let the current take you downstream.

But that’s exactly what’s required here.

You’ll get what you want faster.

You’ll breath better.

I will see you down the stream.

Nancy Florence

*NOTE: a huge thank you to Abraham Hicks for getting us to this point of consciousness*

Nancy Ajavon