Do You Want To Help People?

Do you want to help people?

Most of the women I speak to say that are not motivated by Money. 

What motivates them is helping people and making a positive impact on the world.

Is that the case for you? Do you care more about increasing people’s happiness than money?

If the answer is yes, I get it. Money is not primary goal. That’s why I closed down my property business because that felt like empty work and empty money.

HOWEVER. Don’t let your concern for people’s well-being be an excuse to avoid  doing business.

What I mean is, unless you build a structure (i.e. a business) for your Ideal Clients to find you, they are not going to be able to access your services.

Furthermore, unless you actually make money, you are not in business. And you won’t be able to serve your clients well if you are broke and worried about money.

I want to invite you to see Business for what it really is: an exchange of Energy. You give them your time and expertise. They give you money. Simple as that.

Hiding behind your lack of business expertise or the fear of charging is NOT serving the very people who need you right now.

I know this too well because I used to hide and play small. I was scared. And I was self- centred. 

Your fear is completely normal. You’ll need to learn how to build the systems and structures necessary to support your Art. You’ll need to learn how to set your prices and become a Sale Superstar. You’ll need to learn how to become visible to the audience you want to serve.

First, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What would happen if the world did not get what you have to offer? What will happen to your clients if you don’t show up?

Ok, I can hear you thinking: they can go to competitors or there are plenty of other XXX out there anyway. Yes, that may be true but none of them are YOU.

Nobody has what YOU have to offer. YOU are YOUR Unique Selling Point.

Think about it, there are tons of therapists and coaches out there. But you are only going to resonate with a handful of them. You may hear something a million times and not get it until you hear it from the right teacher. 

So my point is, tune into your Soul and know that you were given this Life for a Purpose. 

There is a place for you out there in the market place and your clients are waiting for you.

Are you ready to serve them?

I am available to help you transition from Fear and Stuckness to Confidence and Expansion. I am fully available to teach you exactly how to build the shopfront for your offerings. You attracted me into your life to hear this: 

We need you. The world needs what you have to offer. Take a stand for your dreams. Make Money. Serve the World.

If you don’t know where to start and you need to be shown how, my door is open for you.

Nancy Ajavon