Behind the scenes: Cancer + Goodbye Vanessa + Our anniversary + Arizona + New Book

2019 has felt quite intense for me so far…

One of my best friends has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

We met when we were 6 and she is one of the people I love the most in the world.

I took an emergency trip to Paris to support her in the best way I could.

We still have hope…

Cancer is one of the most horrible diseases I know but it’s cleansing.

We put all our differences aside and focused on the Labour of Love.

She can see the simplicity of Life in a way I am not able to…yet.

Please join me in sending Love and Light to every single human being on the planet who has been afflicted by the big C.

I had to make some tough decisions in my company last month.

We said goodbye to my incredible Social Media Manager Vanessa, who had been with us for a year.

She did an incredible job of promoting the brand and building an incredible community of women entrepreneurs all over the world.

She will be missed.

I decided to do way less Marketing and give way more Love.

So we changed our business model and fee structure so we can operate in a cleaner, leaner way.

More simplicity.  Easier access. More Generosity.

Lovewise…things are great.

My partner and I are celebrating our first year anniversary this year and we are looking forward to building a beautiful life together.

He teaches me about love everyday and he is the most wonderful man I know.

I am learning how to open my heart more and more day-by-day…for him and his children.

Being a Stepmum is not the most natural thing for me to do (in spite of my 14 years of experience).

I will share my wisdom with you once I crack this thing 😉

After a gorgeous Desire Map week end in the countryside, I’’m off to Arizona in just over a week.

I’m going to be coached by the great Steve Chandler.

I am really excited to learn from him and his community of incredible coaches.

Watch this space.

And there is a new book being born.

The first two manuscripts didn’t make it to the light because…I changed my mind.

Third time lucky. 

I can’t wait to share my work with you.

The book is about the Art of Making Decisions.

I will publish it this year long with new physical products we’re gonna be launching soon.

I think that’s everything for now.

I hope you had a good start of the year so far.

Spring is just round the corner…

Hang in there.

Continue to follow your desires…they are leading you exactly where you need to go.

I’m off for a run now.

Nancy Florence

Nancy Florence