Business does not have to be hard

Have you ever considered this?

Your relationship with your business is an extension of your relationship with Life.

If your business feels like a big effort, perhaps that’s how you feel about Life in general.

You feel anxious a lot of the time.

Creating clients and income feels like paddling upstream.

Your to-do lists are never-ending and your work is never done.

Your life feels much the same way sometimes.

There is too much to do.

Too little time.

Nothing seems to come easy.

Not the money, not the man, not the joy.

And yet…you can turn this around.

It’s actually quite simple.

It takes a decision.

Decide to have things come easy to you.

I bet you can already feel the instant relief in your nervous system.

Decide that your Life is going to be easy from now on.

Your business is going to be easy too.

In fact, it’s already easy.

Clients are falling on your lap.

They pay you easily, quickly and in full.

Creating what you want has become effortless and fun.

Notice people who are already operating with Ease and Flow.

Notice how everything seems to come easy to them.

They launch something…next thing you know they have a waiting list.

Things have felt terribly hard in my business because my relationship with life was terribly hard.

I accepted that living with a man was terribly hard.

Being a mother was terribly hard.

Running a business was terribly hard.

Keeping my house clean was terribly hard.

I kept telling my friends how everything was terribly hard.

Until I realised what I was doing and turned it around.

I let go of the struggle and let my boat go downstream.

It’s not unicorn farts everywhere now but here is the thing.

My life has become way easier.

Love has become way easier.

Running my business has become way easier.

Calling in clients and income has become way easier.

So has parenting, and cooking overnight and everything else.

I decided to practice Trust everyday.

I transformed my relationship with Life itself (Life = Source = Nature = Divine Source Energy = God = Universe…)

That’s what I want for you.

I want to see you thrive in Life and Business.

I want you to feel the way you want to feel…everyday.

All it takes is a decision.

Let go of the struggle.

Ask for help.

Receive all the human and divine assistance that is available to you.

Soak in all the love.

Really feel how much you are adored.

Know that you are supported at all times.

Life wants you to win (Danielle Laporte)


Nancy Florence

Nancy Florence