Turn your Worry into Wisdom

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on the gap between desire and manifestation.

I find myself in that gap all the time.

I want something.

I make it happen.

And then I want something else.

We are always in the gap.

This space of wanting.

The space before the finishing line.

The trick is to learn to love this space.

You are in it all the time…you might as well.

This is where your Core Desired Feelings come in handy.

As you work them into your day planner whilst doing what needs to be done…

There is no respite for entrepreneurs.

We are always on the go.

Bursting with ideas left, right and centre.

You will never get there.

Your work will never be done.

You’ll cross the finishing line this month, then set another one for next month.

It’s all good.

Remember to love yourself in the process.

If you ever need guidance, turn to your feelings.

Your feelings are your inner guide and your spiritual guides all in one place…your powerful heart.

Your desires point you in the direction you need to go to.

They are your road map.

Follow them.

At times, you’ll feel terrified.

You won’t know for sure that you’ve got what it takes to reach the finish line.

You have to decide to pull it off.

Decide to trust Life on this one.

Life wants you to win.

Put your devotion on your agenda.

Have your calendar who you how committed you are.

Do what it takes.

And incorporate lots of pleasure on your way to success.

Your pleasure IS the ultimate success.

I want you to be so anchored in your own Light Source that reaching the goal becomes almost irrelevant.

May you feel freer than ever…in this very moment.

From my heart to yours…

Nancy Florence

Nancy Florence