What's most personal is most Universal!

Remember that.

If you are a female entrepreneur or future female entrepreneur my guess is you are shitting yourself.

Yep! Plain and Simple. You feel tortured everyday by humongous amounts of self-doubt, fear and guilt and that is just the beginning.

The thing women never say out loud is how HUMILIATED they feel by the numerous mistakes and rejections that come with starting a business.

The most humiliating part (for me at least) was working my butt off and not making money.

Does that resonate? I see a smile here :-)

When I first started out as a Coach-Therapist, I had to pinch myself to believe that someone would give me their hard-earned money just to speak to me for an hour.

I had the 'Who am I?' syndrome.

Being a solopreneur also comes with dirty secrets such as procrastinating for hours on end, wasting time on Facebook feeling sorry for ourselves and jealous of other people.

Sometimes, we get angry at God or the Universe for not making it so damn hard for us.

You get the gist.

Business is not easy.

Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

What's gonna get you through this is 2 things: PERSISTENCE and SUPPORT.

So keep going. Don't give up. You are 3 feet from gold.

Get your girls, your mentors, your angels...everyone you can find around you and you will reach the finishing line.

I know your muscles are aching and I am there for you.

I am in it. With you.

With all my heart.

Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon