I have a confession to make…

I used to be the jealous type. Yep! I’m jealous by nature! No more. No less.

That’s a trait I wasn’t proud of and it made my life miserable for years so I decided to change.

For years, I felt insecure in my relationship  and, when it comes to my career, I used to feel inferior to my managers and the so-called “successful people”.

I still have bouts of insecurity and self-doubt…of course…just like you…but I learnt to strengthen my mindset.

Since I educated myself on Wealth Consciousness, I operate from a place of Abundance. I feel full because I believe in the world of plenty. I truly believe that there is plenty of market share, clients, money and success available for everyone on Earth. 

Instead of comparing myself to people who I thought were ‘ahead of me’, I learnt to change my language in a way that doesn’t leave me feeling inferior. I now know that I am on MY journey and they are on THEIRS. That’s all. Those people are not ahead of me, they are on their own journey. 

That feels lighter doesn’t it?

So in 2012, I decided to stop envying successful people. Instead I decided to become one of them. When you look at people you admire, do you ever feel like they have got something that you don’t have? 

Do you perceive them to be smarter, luckier or stronger than you?

Think again. Let me tell you something. The only difference between you and those people you look up to is a single DECISION. Whoever you admire, whether it’s Oprah, Madonna or even Angelina Jolie, know that they DECIDED to fulfil their dream. They DECIDED to do whatever it takes to say what they had to say and be who they wanted to be. They DECIDED to acquire and cultivate certain qualities and skills to pave their way to success.

Success does not necessarily mean fame or money. To me, success is about Freedom and Happiness. And yes, the money I make helps me create more Freedom and Happiness for myself and the rest of the world.

What about you? What is your version of Success?

I would love you to tell me...

Nancy Ajavon