I've been thinking about you a lot last weekend and I would love to share with you one of the Golden Nuggets of Wisdom I took away from my Retreat.

For so long I tried to figure out the 'Business thing' on my own.

In my property business, I climbed up ladders to put up yellow signs on traffic lights.

I knocked at people's door with my heart beating to try and make a deal.

I worked days. I worked nights. 

I overate. I deprived myself from sleep.

I got myself highly stressed out. I cried.

Until I called a friend and realised I had enough. 

I wasn't prepared to keep suffering so much over making my first sales and closing deals over the phone.

No. No. No.

He recommended a Coach.

I hired her on the spot.

And got better...much better....

I discovered I was in the wrong business.

I burnt my property business. And then I turned my Local Psychotherapy practice into a Global Coaching Business.

Then my life took a delicious turn.

I learned how to sell with Ease, Confidence and Integrity.

I learned how to get paid to be me.

I learned how to get paid to do the work I love more than anything in the world.

Empowering people to become their Best Self and live their Best Lives.

If that is your dream too...I'm gonna let you in on a secret my dear...
Trying or Hoping isn't gonna cut it.

It's not gonna attract any clients or make you money.

Deciding will.

Taking a real grown up decision to Uplevel your Business and your life.

For real.

Deciding to stop figuring it all out for yourself and hiring a coach or a mentor who can show you how it's done.

At last.

THAT is what's gonna bring your first paying clients...your first 4-figures sales...your Dream Laptop Lifestyle.

And guess what? 

Today I am giving you an opportunity to Decide...

Do you desire to create your Dream Online Business and Book your First Paying Clients?

Do you desire to help people?


If you are still reading...I know the answer is...YESTERDAY!


The fastest way to manifest your Dream Online Business and your First Paying Clients is the Elevator Programme.

This is a gorgeous 12-week mentorship programme designed to support you in taking the steps towards making your first money as an Online Business Owner and Feeling Good doing it...

Nancy Ajavon