Good Morning Gorgeous,

This blog is going to come at the perfect time for you if you've got sales calls coming up and/or you feel nervous about selling.

For a lot of business women, selling can be a special kinda hell but it doesn't have to be.

If you like what you do but you find the whole business thing quite challenging...I am going to help you change your mind quickly.

Selling is Serving.

Simple as that.

Because unless you sell what you have to one will benefit from it...and there will be no positive ripple effect onto the world.

Versus you selling your services to people who need and want them...which will make them better off...which will make the whole of humanity better off!

See where I'm getting at?

The more you sell, the more people you serve, the more you can serve at the highest level that is meant for you.

Now...hear me out: you don't have to sell in a masculine, pushy or salesy way.

Just tell people what you are up to and ask them if they need help with what it is you can help them with.

Simple as that.

In fact...forget about selling them anything.

Nobody likes to be sold to.

Just build a long-term relationship with people.

Relationship. Relationship. Relationship.

They may or may not buy from you.

But they might benefit from hearing what you have to say...they might even refer a client to you...or feel inspired by you...who knows?

I want you to feel confident about your sales calls so my gift to you this week is a gorgeous meditation.

Download it  now to get ready for your next sales conversation and calm those nerves down.

You're welcome xx


Nancy Ajavon