Have you ever heard the saying that 'Business is the best self-development course on the planet'?

It's so true.

Something you might not know about me is that I am actually a Psychotherapist.

I've only transitioned into Coaching a year ago.

As part of my training and my profession, I've had to have YEARS OF PERSONAL THERAPY.

And I mean 8 years almost continually.

And yet...when I hired my first coach last year...I was in a really bad way.

After all the introspection and the talking and the crying...I was still a wounded little girl who didn't believe in herself enough to become who she really was.

I was overworked...proving...proving...always proving...doing things out of obligations.

I was a good girl.

Don't get me wrong, I gained a lot of self-awareness from personal therapy and I did learn how to manage my emotions.

BUT I still didn't feel good.

I was still anxious and tortured with self-doubt.

The reason I say that 'Coaching is like Therapy on Steroids' is because it was 100 times more powerful for me.

It was real.

I could see, feel and touch real tangible results in my life: My Dream Business, Travel Experiences, Money, More Love at home, New Friends etc.

This is because Coaching helps you go from Extraordinary!

It's for result-oriented people.

It's forward-focused.

So if you know yourself and well enough and you're doing a pretty a good job at living but you want to take it up a nudge...coaching is for you.

It's for people who want to grab their future by the balls and take charge of their destiny.

The reason I can speak this message so loud and clear now is because I became the Queen of my life.

I am in charge now.

And I know how to manifest anything I want.

I want the same for you.

Love & Light

Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon