I am in one of my favourite places in the couch...drinking my favourite coffee and opening emails from my gorgeous clients.

I absolutely adore my clients and I often remind myself of how far I've come since the early days of private practice when I wondered if I would EVER get 1 paying clients.

I got hundreds of clients since.

And yet, if you are a new online entrepreneur or a coach, and you are just getting started, you might be asking yourself the same question:

"Where are my clients and when I am going to make my first sales! God dammit!"

I know the feeling. Believe me.

In fact, for a long time I felt disgusted by own need and desperation but it's completely natural.

If you find that you get nervous during sales calls with potential prospects, and your energy is actually repelling people, know that we've all been there and it's an important part of your growth as an entrepreneur.

I teach my clients the exact steps I followed to open the gate and get my first sales under my belt.

I find that when my clients make the decision to say NO to the struggle and YES to Sweet Success, something magical happens.

They start elevating their confidence and their wealth consciousness daily.

They start believing in themselves and actually believing in what they have to offer.

They start believing that there are PLENTY of ideal clients for them out there who are waiting to be served and are willing to invest in themselves financially.

Wanna know what happens next?

They make their first sales and send me a screenshot of their bank balance via Facebook Messenger!

Aside from childbirth and weddings I don't know many things in the world that can generate such feelings of euphoria in the hearts of my clients (and mine!).

The reason I am telling you this is because I want to open your mind up to a whole new world of possibilities.

I want to invite you to feel that feeling and visualise your own first paying clients calling you to ask if they can work with you.

Because the more you operate at that high frequency, the more you'll be a vibrational match to them...and the quicker you will receive your first bookings.

Imagine what it would be like for you to make your first money with just a laptop, a phone and your desire.

Talking to someone who lives on the other side of the world and who needs exactly what you have to offer.

Your clients are waiting for you my dear.

Your first job is to show up to be of service.

You don't have to continue to struggle on your own not knowing what to focus on in order to make your first sales.

I am here to guide you through the steps towards making your first 4-figure sales and becoming the Woman who owns a thriving online business.

I created the Elevator Programme for women exactly like you who want to help people and get paid well for doing it.

Women who want to have it all: the kids, the husband AND the laptop lifestyle.

Women who are fierce about making their dreams a reality.

Let's bring your desires to life

Your first step is to head over to the Elevator Programme page and book a clarity call with me.

There are only 3 spots left worldwide to work with me privately by the end of the year.

This incredible 90-day private mentorship will give you all the support you need to:

- Skyrocket your Confidence and finally claim your worth

- Take the steps towards making your first sales with ease and integrity

- Get crystal clear on your desires and your Ideal Clients

- Build the systems and structures of a thriving online business

- Learn how to manage your time effectively so that you can enjoy long week ends with your family

If this is for you, then don't waste any more time trying to do it all on your own.

Getting supported by high level coaches is the best thing I've ever done for my business and my life and I invite you to work with me because I have been where you are and I learnt the skills and strategies to create the Laptop Lifestyle I dreamt of.

The Elevator Programme is by application and invitation only but it will me my pleasure to discuss the next best steps for you to catapult your biz.

If you apply now you'll also receive an incredible bonus worth £500. You'll be invited to join me in a Luxury Hotel for a Celebratory Champagne Afternoon Tea to celebrate your achievements and the Woman you will have become by the end of the Programme.

You are in for an incredible journey

I look forward to getting to know you more and seeing you blossom in 2017.


Nance x

Nancy Ajavon