Stop copying people and you'll be more profitable

Something that I struggled with a lot as I developed my brand is honing on my Uniqueness.

For a long time, I copied mentors and coaches I admired because I did not really trust that my authentic self was going to be good enough for the market.

To be honest, as I am writing my first book now and continually uplevelling my business, I still have to cut out the noise and focus on my own lane.

My own coach never misses an opportunity to remind me to be...ME.

The reason my business has boomed this year is because I went full out with who I really am.

One of my most recent clients said that she chose me as her coach because she felt she could relate to me.

She loves my Reggae side and the music I listen to because it reminds her of herself.

Another client said that she decided to sign up with me because everything I said felt real to her.

And it is...


If you are a mum in business and you are influenced by what you see others do, know that this is completely normal.

It takes courage to show up on social media as your true self but it's exactly what your prospects want to see.

They want more lifestyle pictures. They want more of you.

If you are currently struggling to hone in on your unique talents and define a clear brand for yourself, now is the time to take fierce action.

Nancy Ajavon