Do you feel like you are spinning plates and multitasking all the time?

Welcome to Mumpreneurs' Land.

This comes with the territory I'm afraid.

Does your day look like this?

Wake up. Take the kids to school. Work on the Business. Phone rings. Have a chat. Work on the Business. What am I gonna cook for dinner? Time to pick up the kids already. Mustn't work on the business. Ok so just 1 email. And maybe one more. Kids are hungry. Close laptop. Reluctantly. Cook Dinner...

Does this sound familiar?

Starting an online business AND raising kids takes a TRUE HERO.

I really want to acknowledge you for attempting to run a marathon essentially with children on your back!!!

This is exactly what you are doing.

How do I know.

Because I've done it and I still am!

In the past 12 months I've fiercely focused on creating a thriving coaching practice and getting my first 4-figures sales under my belt.

I've figured out strategies to manage my time and nurture my mindset in order to avoid overwhelm and stay sane!

I've created solid systems and structures for my business which allow me to pick up my kids from school everyday and attend nearly all the school assemblies.

It feels good.

Listen, I am not telling this to brag. 

My intention is to inspire you to create your own passion-based business online in a way that feels good to you.

If you want to find out more about the way I work with my clients and the results you can get from private coaching, check my Elevator Programme.

The fastest way to manifest the online business and the clients you desire is to learn HOW to do it from someone who has done it before you.

The same way I got taught by my coaches and mentors how to attract high end clients and become a successful business owner.

You can check out the Elevator Programme and book a Complimentary Clarity Call with me to explore the next best step for you and your business.

I look forward to speaking to you soon x


Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon