Spend Less Time with your Kids and be a Better Mum for it!

Yes, I did say that.

I can hardly believe it myself! There is no way I could have said that 6 years ago when I was taking evening classes to become a therapist and going out to do volunteering work, on top of my full time job! My baby was only 1 and I was CRIPPLED with guilt.

The truth is, when we give ourselves permission to leave the house in order to fulfill our dreams, go out on a date or take a week end off for a retreat, we become better mums for it. 

We come back renewed, refreshed and fulfilled.

A lot of women I speak to (including one of the voices in my own head) are trying to satisfy old paradigms from the 1960’s. Mostly, we are trying to be good mums. And we want to impress our mum as well as the mother-in-law of course. So we put pressure on ourselves to iron, cook from scratch after a full days’ work and play with our children.

We can do it. We juggle it all. But we are often left feeling resentful and exhausted.

This…is an invitation to define motherhood on your terms. To create your own new paradigm of what it means to be a 21st century mum. To have the right to work, socialise, vote, make money and pretty much do anything you like.

Like I said before, when you allow yourself some time out away from your children, you’ll feel guilty. But the rewards far outweigh the guilt. By attending to your own needs and dreams, you start feeling good. So your children get to have a mum who is on fire instead of the miserable and resentful version of the mum we think we should be.

Nancy Ajavon