My version of having it all…

I spoke to a woman in a café last week who confided in me. I am a good listener. So I listened.

I didn’t comment or judge anything she said. And then I asked her: “Have you ever thought you could be happy one day?” She thought about it for a second and replied: “Well I’m not unhappy…plus you can’t really have it all right?”

I smiled. And then I said: “Yes. You can.”

Before the sceptical voice in your head screams ‘What kind of BS is that?’ let me tell you what I mean by that.

I’ll start with my version of having it all: it’s less to do with what I have and more to do with how I feel on a daily basis. My version of having it all is feeling good most of the time. Feeling my Core Desired Feelings on a daily basis. Like one of my virtual mentors Danielle Laporte says: “FEELING GOOD IS THE WHOLE POINT”

Your Core Desired Feelings are your preferred way of feeling. I created a lifestyle and a career that makes me feel like a STAR. I feel FREE because I work for myself and I don’t let anyone tell me what to do. I feel TURNED ON by my life, my partner and my Friday night Indian takeaway. I feel CUSHIONED by my couch, my friends and my credit card.

So what’s your version of having it all? How often do you get to feel the way you want to feel?

I would suggest that you pay very close attention to your feelings and make it a sacred goal of yours to create a life where you get to feel good most of the time.


Love. Always.

Nancy Florence x

Nancy Ajavon