Is this you right now?

Let me ask you something.

Do you sometimes feel like you are the only mum in your community who is trying to do what you do?
Do you feel like you are the only mum in your circle who has the drive and tenacity you have to succeed?

Perhaps you don't know any other women in your circle who are going after the same things as you.
And perhaps that makes you feel materialistic...or feel like a Bad Career Mum sometimes.

Does this sound like you?

Your strength and determination are your greatest assets.
They got you this far already...

BUT you are actually tired to pushing and striving for more all the time.
Everything feels like a struggle and the fight you've been fighting for years is draining the life out of you.

Sometimes you feel like a rat on a treadmill...yes...a rat!
You thought you had retired from the rate rate by leaving your corporate job, but actually running your business still feels like a rat race.

You are constantly hustling, chasing the next client and sending one more email whilst the kids are screaming at you that they want to get out of the bath!

Does that ring a bell?

I know it does.
All of this comes with the territory of being aBusy Mum in Business and I know this because I am one.

For a long time I got distracted by what other people were doing and I felt inferior to them.
I never felt like I was doing enough, well enough...I never felt enough...

And you know what?

Those feelings still creep up from time to time but the difference is that I know who I am now.
I figured out what kind of woman I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up in the world.
I am crystal clear on my vision for myself, my business and my family.

Now I am able to create high levels of income doing the work I love the most in the world.
I freed myself up from ALL of my obligations, including ironing, socialising with people I don't want to socialise with and admin work.

How did I do that?

I decided to stop working my fingers to the bone.
I hired a coach who believed in me and helped me step into my Power.
I went from working 12 hours a day to 6 hours a day and my income went from zero to now creating my first 6-figure year.

I created a Success Team who I delegate to on a daily basis and who run my business for me when I am enjoying family adventures with my kids.

I want the same for you.

Nancy Florence