Have you ever purposely skipped pages of your children's bedtime story?
In a desperate attempt to empty your inbox, you've rushed the bedtime routine so that could go back to your laptop as quickly as possible?

If this sounds familiar, you have arrived in the right tribe.

Here is what happens at 'Busy Mums in the City':

- we are unapologetic about having a business or high-flying corporate career
- sometimes we feel terribly guilty about having a business or a career (here's a paradox for you...)
- we are slightly obsessed with work and making enough money to live our dream lifestyle
- we are crazy busy and constantly looking for ways to simplify our lives and slow down
- we love our children to bits and we do our best to be good mums
- we're not trying to be Super Mums or Wonder Women anymore...it's not real anyway
- we are Wild Women...a little bit nuts...and with a big heart

If this resonates, welcome to the tribe.

Here are some goodies for you:
Download your 'To-not-do-list' as a matter of urgency. Learn how to stop doing anything out of obligation to free up time to chill out with your kids (or enjoy a cuppa...alone!).
- Watch my Live Coaching Videos and see what happens behind the scenes of a Busy Mum in London
- Ask me any questions you wantand get my expert advice on how to thrive at Work and at Home.

My name is Nancy Florence. 
I am an Expert Coach for Busy Mums in Business and High-Flying Careers.
I give Fierce Business and Life coaching to amazing women all over the world.
I am a Harley Street Psychotherapist too.
Mother of 2 gorgeous girls aged 3 and 7. 
Beyonce fan.
Quite a good cook but we eat Pizza and Chips at my house after ballet every Tuesday.

Nice to meet you x
Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon