Do you feel bad about copying people you admire?

Perhaps you feel embarrassed or guilty about copying people you aspire to be like?

This is completely normal.

We have all done it and actually part of developing your Greatness involves emulating Great people.

I do not recommend that you plagiarize or directly copy the work of somebody else. It's unethical and probably illegal in a lot of cases.

However, you cannot help being inspired by your idols.

The very reason they are your idols is because they reflect back to you the qualities that are already in you.

Like a mirror, they remind you of who you are.

The reason you admire them is because they remind you of you.

Perhaps those qualities are lying dormant in you or you are yet to develop your own powers but they are in you.

A great way to develop those powers is to emulate Great people i.e. imitate them.

So who do you look up to?

Personally, I have been a fan of Michael Jackson and Madonna since I was a baby.

Arguably they might not have been perfect human beings but I learnt a lot from the way they carried themselves and shone their light onto the world.

What about you? What can you learn or emulate from the people you aspire to be like?

What choices did they make? How do they speak? How do they dress? What are they obsessed about? What qualities of theirs do you want to possess?

By giving yourself permission to emulate your idols, you are opening yourself up to acquiring the very qualities you admire in them.

The more you learn from those people and carry yourself in a similar fashion, the more you will develop your greatness.

In time, you will find your own voice.

Don't worry.

You will eventually develop your own style and become the Legendary Woman you aspire to be.

With all my heart x
Nancy Florence.

Nancy Ajavon