It's been a while since I last got in touch with you.
I was birthing my brand new programme and creating lots of gorgeous new content for you.

I made the decision to support Busy Mums in Business and High-flying Corporate Careers this year.
I am a mother of 2 myself and I know the challenges that come with being a working mum.

At the top of the list is the guilt about not spending enough time with the children.

Are you familiar with this one?

Have you ever felt like a bad mum for not playing with your kids enough?

We've all been there...

And in my opinion, there is no way around the guilt.
If anyone tries to sell you the idea that you can get rid from the guilt altogether, they're selling you a lie.

Guilt free mums are dangerous mums.
Good mums feel guilty. That's why they are good mums because they care about doing a good job.
Bad mums don't care that much because they are totally self-absorbed.

Although I wrestle with guilt occasionally myself, I've come to learn that time and attention are not the only gifts we can give to our children.
I consider myself to be a Modern Mum and I am proud to model Confidence, Ambition and Courage for my 2 little girls on a daily basis.

They get to see me lit up every single day.
They see me dance to my favourite YouTube work out videos.
They see me talking to clients and operating from my Zone of Genius.

Sometimes Ayani, my 7 year-old, asks me why I speak with a different voice when I'm on the phone to clients.

That's cos I use a different voice to speak to her..I reply with a smile and a hug.

So today I invite you to take a minute to think about what YOU are modelling for your children.

What are they seeing you do, say and experience on a daily basis?

And then...give yourself a clap and a pat on the back...

You are doing well mama...

With so much love.

Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon