I have been talking to a lot of women lately with big dreams: they want to start their own business, travel, earn more money etc.

Some want to become shop owners, others want to become therapists or chefs.

What is your life purpose?

I believe we are all born for a specific purpose, endowed with special talents and skills that are completely unique to us. 

I often think about what would happen if every human being on the planet got to choose what they wanted to do for a living. In my fantasy, people would assign themselves naturally to their preferred job that fits their soul and we would end up with a perfect proportion of each profession.

The reason I studied Business and Online Marketing is because I knew I wanted to be one of the privileged people on earth to become an entrepreneur and get paid to be me. Coaching comes naturally to me and it never feels like work. In fact, I can hardly tell the difference between work and play.

I want the same for you.

More than ever before, 21st century Western Women get to choose. We get to choose to have children or not. Get married or not. Work or not. We get to start our own businesses and make money doing meaningful work in the world.

Last time I voted, I walked away feeling grateful. I thought about all the women only two generations before me who did not have the right to have an opinion.

So here is my invitation. I invite you to build up the courage to give your dreams a chance. Give your soul a chance to express itself in this lifetime. Give your voice a chance to speak.

Nancy Ajavon