Let's get real.
I know you love your children...dearly.
I know you enjoy spending time with them when they're off school.

I bet there's a part of you that is looking forward to the end of the Easter Break.
First of all, keeping your children entertained everyday is a major challenge.
Sometimes you find their needs soooo....needy.

Second, running a business and creating a decent holiday for your kids is nothing short of heroic.
You probably kept going cos otherwise...who is going to attend to your clients?
Or maybe you reluctantly took a few days break and then felt guilty about not working?

If you hold a busy job in town, you've probably had to take some days off or paid a fortune towards childcare.

Either way...school holidays can be...interesting to say the least.

With only 3 days before the end of this Easter break, I'd like to invite you to release the pressure a little bit.


Relaxing has to come first...you NEED some rest.
Make it a non-negotiable.

Then comes PLANNING.
Powerful questions to ask yourself are:
- How can I simplify my morning routine to avoid rushing out the door everyday?
- How can I look after myself more on a daily basis?
- What can I delegate in order to work less and free up time to focus on what I love?
- Is my business/job still aligned with my desires?

Journal on this if you like.
Tune in with your heart.
Feel your own presence.

My gorgeous Client Niamh is a mother of 3 and she works full time in Finance.
Here is what she has to say about her experience of being a working mum and coaching.

Niamh testimonial+vignette+(1).png

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Nancy Ajavon