How were you brought up?

Did you get a lot of praise and encouragement? Were you taught that everything is possible and that you have the power to create anything you want in life?

Or did you get a lot of criticism from your parents, teachers, peers, extended family etc.

Sadly, all my clients (and myself) acquired a lot of limiting beliefs along the way of ‘growing up’.

They were told that they could do better. They were called naive or unrealistic. They were meant to feel somewhat inadequate and as a result of that, they never feel quite…good enough.

What beliefs did you grow up around? Has anyone told you that life was hard? That money doesn’t grow on tree? Or that you needed to be a good girl?

Those limiting beliefs are eating away at your personality and natural power. They are the outside layer of the onions you will need to gradually peel off in order to become YOU again.

YOU: as a whole. With all your dreams. Your innocent faith. Your mighty superpowers. Your unique gift to the world.

I am sure the grown-ups in your life meant well. And I am sure they loved you and still do.

This isn’t an invitation to blame them for how your life turned out to be. On the contrary. This is an invitation to send them love and free yourself up from those limiting beliefs. 

You have the power to re-write those stories. When you decide to work through those blocks and push your Upper Limit to a whole new level, you get to choose what you believe in.

If there was one thing to ever learn from successful people it would be this:

They took control of their destiny and decided to live their best life.

Simple as that. So back to you now. Where are you at in your life? How satisfied are you with your career, relationships and home life? 

If those questions evoke painful feelings in your heart I would suggest it’s time for change. Change starts with baby steps. The first one could be to talk to me about your dream business and life. You’ve got nothing to loose. At best, you’ll get to embark on an amazing journey with me. At worst, you’ll walk away from our conversation feeling 100 times clearer and confident about what to do next.

I can’t wait to get to know you and your precious dreams.

With so much passion.

Nancy x

Nancy Ajavon