How not to kill your man when you really want to…

I decided to write this blog post to give a voice to the rage we feel (sometimes on a daily basis) towards the man we love the most.

First of all, don’t kill him. Ever! LOL

You know that anyway…The thing is, no one in the whole wild world can evoke your anger the way your man (or your children) can. Only someone close to you knows how to really push your buttons and provoke you.

So here is the deal. Anger is natural. We can’t suppress it or ignore it. It’s there to protect you.

The question is: what do you do with it?

Well, it depends. Take a deep breath. Take a minute to step back from the situation. You have 2 

options here:

1 – Does this belong to you or him? If this is more about you and your own wounded self, then you’ve got to deal with it on your own. Another thing to consider is: “Is this battle really worth fighting?” More often than not, the answer will be no. Suck it up. Drop it.

2 – OR HE REALLY REALLY CROSSED YOUR BOUNDARY and did something totally unacceptable. In that case, tell him where to go. Assert your boundary. Express your anger clearly and safely. Make your point. You will know in your hearts of hearts if you are in the right or wrong. And if you feel you are in you have a right to get angry then do so. It’s called a GOOD CLEAN FIGHT.

The French and the Spanish tend to have an advantage in this area.

We scream and shout for a minute and make love the next!

I hope this inspires you to deal with your anger in a way that feels good to you next time your man gives you that opportunity.

Nancy Ajavon