Have You Ever Felt Like This?

Miserable. Crap. Unfulfilled. Like shit. Angry. Resentful. Constantly tired. Self-medicating. Anxious. Down. Depressive.

This is how I felt before I gave myself permission to be me. 

I can recall this moment with exact precision. Back in 2009, it took a painful family crisis and being confronted with death for me to realise my time on Earth was counted.

I decided to cut the cord with my mother and free myself up from the need to seek her approval because that was impossible.

So off I went. No more Digital Marketing Corporate work for me. I was off to a new life. 

I felt ashamed to tell my family and friends I wanted to be a therapist and that I was going to take up a course. Some tried to talk me out of making the financial investment whilst others mocked the profession as whole. “Are you sure?” they said.

But I knew better. I followed my intuition. And to be honest, I could hardly resist anyway.

When you are called to serve people in a certain away…whatever you art…please for the love of your clients and yourself and the Universe…give yourself permission to fulfill your life purpose.

Allow yourself the freedom and the immense happiness that comes from building a career that is aligned with your Core Desired Feelings. Allow yourself the divine right to get paid well for your good work so that you can serve people in a bigger way.

Your kids will get to have a mum who is lit up and more alive than ever before.

A lot of woman I work with start with low self-worth. They don’t even allow themselves to want what they want. They timidly describe their dream to me, almost as if they had done something wrong by daring to dream.

Dare to dream. Desire what you desire. Desire more. Create the Business and Life you are supposed to live. This lifetime. Why wouldn’t you?

“The world reflects back to you how much you value yourself” (Danielle Laporte) 

Nancy Ajavon