Read this if you are feeling vulnerable right now...

At the time when you hit the 'post' button, you thought it was a great idea.

You could have sworn this was the best ever piece of work you'd ever produced in your life.

You felt so proud of yourself for coming up with such a brilliant idea and then...

Then it crept in...slowly but surely...After a few minutes or a few hours if you're lucky. 

Your need for validation.

You started to become aware of how your message might be received.

You started worrying: "Was it ok to say it like that? Was it ok to use swear words? What if nobody comes?

And then it stopped feeling like a Genius and you started feeling like an idiot instead.

You became tortured with self-doubt.

You called a friend or a partner. 

You sought permission. 

You sought reassurance. 

What you were really asking is:

"Is it ok to be me?...Like...Is it ok to be completely me?

You know the answer to that. 

And you know what?

All of this emotional upheaval is called 'the creative process'.

It's also called a 'vulnerability hangover'.

It happens to all of us after we've taken a big leap or a big breakthrough.

In the word of Danielle Laporte: "you will shrink after you expand".

When you have the courage to produce your own stuff and you risk putting it out there in the world, prepare for a lot of emotions to be stirred up.

Being a Artist is not for the faint of heart. 

So if you can feel that mighty heart of yours pound in your chest after you've given the world what you had to give...keep going...

Head held high.

Some will like it.

Some won't. 

Some won't even notice...

And that is exactly how it's meant to be.

Keep showing up to be of service.

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for your courage. 

Thank you for your vulnerability.


Nancy Florence

Nancy Ajavon