I'm feeling quite emotional as I'm writing this mail to you.

I'm sitting on the Tube to head back home and pick up my girls.

Today has been one of the most extraordinary days of my life: I worked from home this morning then hopped on the train to take an incredible dance class before visiting one of my favourite luxurious hotel to book the next private VIP Butterfly Intensives I'll be hosting.

And yet, only a year ago, I was still a slave.

Let me explain.

There are 4 archetypes of women:
- the Slave Girl
- the Maid
- the High-end Assistant
- and the Queen

I spent most of my life with the Slave Girl mentality.

As a child (being the good African girl that I was) I spent years slaving for my father. I cooked and I cleaned relentlessly in order to get noticed and praised.

As an adult, I worked myself to the bone in jobs I didn't even like.

12 months ago, I was a slave for my own property business and I ended up with stroke-like symptoms.

Needless to say that THAT was the wake-up call I needed.

Since then, I decided to create my Dream Business on my own terms...meaning:
- I choose WHEN I work
- I choose WHERE I work
- I choose WHO I work with

The reason I went from Slave Girl to Queen in less than 12 months is because I finally gave myself permission to do what the f@@@@ I wanted.

I DECIDED to create my life and my business according to how I wanted to feel as opposed to the 'shoulds' and so-called obligations I used to live by.

So no more 9 to 5 for me.
No more Tube.
No more working around the clock for my own business!

Now I ONLY do the work I love.
I contract everything else out or I forget about it all together.

I work with the most gorgeous and fierce mum bosses ever from some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

The irony is....now that I only do what I want to do...I am attracting more money than ever before and I spend more time with my kids than ever before.

I want the same for you.

Watch this video to see how you can create your own Freedom-based business this month: https://youtu.be/2hGohO5yZ0k

It's time for you to become the Queen of your Business and Life.

Nancy Ajavon